Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009 Pictures!!

Christmas Pictures!!!! Yay!! We went to my parent's house the first half of Christmas day and then headed to Todd's parent's house for the 2nd half of Christmas day! I was sad b/c my camera died way too early so I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked. Here is Caleb checking out his new gifts! He loved his new dinosaur!!! And Noah got some gifts too! I LOVE this bib! It says..if you think I am cute you should see my dad..hehe It is true..Todd is a cutie!!
Maggie wanted to help Jacob open his gifts!!! :D
A very cozy blanket for my sweet little Noah!!
And Maggie loved her gift too! We had a few gifts in her stocking and we gave her one each day leading up to Christmas and she was so excited about every one of them!!! I love my little girl!!
Todd helped Jacob put on his new army outfit!
Noah's new buddy..teddy bear teether!
The Family..well the kids anyway!! From the left brother, Todd, bro. in law..then bottom left, sis in law, Anna Claire, me (plus Noah) and Carley, and sissy!!! This pic is blurry so I am hoping that someone else got a better one!!
With my sissy and bubba..and Anna Claire had to get with her Uncle Johnny!!! HA
I love this pic of my momma and daddy!!! Love them oh soo much!!
The best gift I have ever gotten! A healthy baby boy!!!!!

Oh and Todd is a great present too :D hehe

The girls in front of the tree and all the presents!!!

This is Todd and I on Christmas Eve..we were about to leave and go to church. We went last year and enjoyed it sooo much that we are making it our little family tradition! Plus what better place to be than in God's house on Christmas Eve!!! My belly looks so much bigger. I am wearing a regular shirt and those tend to show off my belly more YAY!!

As you can see we had a very Merry Christmas! It went by way too fast! I cannot wait til next year when I will be taking pictures of Noah opening gifts...well with mommy and daddys help of course!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

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shauna said...

You look like you had a great Christmas! I think both of your Christmas presents are very cute :) Next year Mr. Noah will be tearing into those gifts!!! You and your sis look so much alike. It will be interesting to see if Noah looks anything like his cousins. Wasn't this Christmas so different than all the others? PTL!
Love ya!