Monday, December 28, 2009

21 weeks and 1 day

Today marks 21 weeks and 1 day!! 19 more weeks to go!!! I have already started a countdown on my chalkboard tray in the kitchen :D Noah has been getting more active in my belly lately and I swear if I even think about food I get heartburn!!! I am loving that he is moving alot!! We celebrated Christmas and Noah got some presents!! This Christmas has been even more special b/c of our little guy and I am looking forward to next Christmas with him!!!
I have been getting winded so quickly these days and I am sure it is due to my growing belly!

I even started to fill out Noah's baby book! That was FUN stuff!!That is about all that has been going on lately! I am just awaiting the next OB appt. and hearing Noah's heartbeat!!

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