Monday, December 14, 2009

19 weeks!

Just a few things!!
  • We have one more day til we know BOY or GIRL!!! And what does my poll say so far??? I put my pole on my blog and right now the vote is 35% BOY and 64% GIRL! So far 48 ppl have voted!!! Are they right???? I cannot wait to see if everyone was right or if they will be surprised!!! I personally do not care if you are a BOY or a GIRL as long as you are healthy and thriving. You are already soo loved little one :D
  • Today I am 19 weeks pregnant and starting to feel you more and more! Daddy cannot wait to feel you move and get in on the action! Everytime you move now I tell him to feel my belly and then you stop moving. I am sure it will be a few more weeks before he can feel you move.
  • 19 Week Round Up:

How far along: 19 wks

Weight: Still not sure b/c I don't dare to ck myself at home. We will see at the doctor's appt. on Tuesday!

Sleep: I have gotten into the old college/teenage habit of going to sleep late and waking up late. Also, I still have to tinkle at least once in the middle of the night.

Best Moment of the Week: Gonna be Tuesday!!!!

Gender: Soon...Soon!!! YAY!!!

Maternity Clothes: Loving them and I just got a few new shirts so I am psyched!!! Recognize one of them in my belly pic???

Movement: U are very active in the evening and I am loving it!!! It is still little movements, but I can tell they are getting more pronounced!

What I miss: Nothing really :D I am a very content pg woman!!

Cravings: All the bad stuff! Especially sweet tea!!! And I have gotten sick of Japanese food, so I guess I am stuck with good ole southern food..YUM!

What I am looking forward to: TUESDAY!!!!

Weekly Wisdom: Trust in the Lord and have FAITH in Him!!!! By my Daddy and Mrs. Arlene :D Thank you both for the reminder!!!

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shauna said...

You are just so cute! Jakob used to move like crazy till Jeremy put his hand on my stomach then he'd stop. The little stinkers! Not too long from now you won't have to tell Todd when the baby is moving, he'll be able to see it :)
Can't wait to hear about your u/s tomorrow, I know your family is so excited!
<3 luv ya!