Monday, December 7, 2009

18 wks 1 day!

Well, I totally forgot to do belly picture yesterday. I am hoping that I can get one today before Todd leaves for work! (if I do I will add the pic later to this post) I guess it doesn't help that I don't feel like getting my picture taken! We have one more week til the BIG ultrasound and I am ready!!! We were going to do something cute to tell cupcakes with blue or pink icing on the inside. Then we decided we may not! Who knows what we will decide to do. We may just send out a mass text :D and then go and register!!! HA

I had a freak out this morning again!!! Yes I am hormonal and a very protective momma. My neighbor just found out she has swine flu! Yep, it is just my luck!! I have now been exposed to strep, fifth's disease, and now swine flu!!! I am sure God is trying to tell me to stop trying to take all of this on myself and give it up to Him already. And I am trying and working hard on doing just that!!!! But even if I do give it up to God, I am still taking everything seriously and going to use the heck out of my antibacterial soap!!!! I use it every time I get into the car and I wash my hands every time I get home!!! I have NEVER washed my hands so much in my life! I am sure it will just get worse once this baby gets here! I need to invest into a huge bottle of hand sanitizer. I did buy three bottles the other day at tarjay! The tarjay brand smells so good and doens't make your hands feel yucky after you use it!

Round up for 18 wks!! Picture to come!!!
How far along~ 18 wks 1 day

Total wt gain/loss~ at the last OB appt. I had gained 3 lbs

Sleep~ good, but I do get up once to tinkle

Best Moment of this wk~ Getting Babe's crib and putting it together

Maternity Clothes~ Oh yes, they are a must and I need to buy more!!!

Gender~ We find out next week..eeeekkk!!!

Movement~ Every now and then I feel a little movement.

What I miss~ being able to keep my emotions under control!

Cravings~ Japanese food, home southern cooking, and my momma's hamburgers!!! Yum...maybe I can talk her into cooking some tonight!!!

What I am looking forward to~ Finding out Babe's gender next week and finally going shopping!!!

Wkly Wisdom~ Give it up to God, you cannot do it alone!!! I figured that one out on my own :D hehe


Prayingforamiracle said...

Hey Dana glad to see things are progressing so wonderfully. That crib looks really beautiful. I'm guessing a girl since you have that high hb! Can't wait to find out.

The Patterson's said...

How exciting that you get to find out the gender next week!! I highly recommend doing something fun to share the was really exciting for a couple reasons - 1) to hear what everyone's guesses were and 2) to see their expressions if they were right or picked the opposite gender. I think we would do it that way again (if we get the opportunity).