Saturday, November 28, 2009


We had a great time fellowshipping with our family this Thanksgiving!!! I was able to take some pictures, but wish I had taken more! Next year I will get one with my cuz MB!! My sis took some pics too so maybe I can share more later. Here is the star of the show...the table of food!! It was so yummy!!! My daddy with my cousing Sarah! I cannot believe how grown up she is and of course as beautiful as ever!!
A group pic with my parents, my uncles, aunts, and of course the kids had to get in too!!
My dad and my uncle chatting it up and telling us about their childhood! Still not sure how they survived each other :D
The gorgeous Franklin family. My sister needs to do her own blog..maybe I can talk her into it!!! And of course Anna Claire is being silly that is her the comedian of the family!
First pregnant picture together!!!!
The girls..minus Ali! We missed my bro and sil soooooooo much!!!!!! Poor Momma always closes her eyes. We should have done one without the flash.
Sisters with sisters!!!
Couldn't you just EAT THEM UP!!!!
Playing on the piano with Uncle Todd!!! They wanted him to "play" so they could dance!
I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving as well!!!

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