Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Prayer Warriors Mount Up!!

I need all of my prayer warriors out there..YOU!!!! My uncle had surgery a few weeks ago and had a tumor removed, he was then sent to a rehab facility to recover. He came home last night and my Aunt woke up around 2 am to my uncle having convulsions. She called my dad and he came over and had to do CPR on my uncle. Then the paramedics arrived and were able to bring him back. They took him to the hospital and he is on a ventilator right now.

I went straight to the hospital when my parents called me with the news and as soon as I saw him I lost it. He and my aunt are more like my grandparents. My mom and my uncle are 10 yrs apart so they are older and plus we have such an amazing relationship. I lost all of my grandparents when I was very young so I was blessed to have them to fill that roll for me!!!

The doctor came in around 5 this afternoon and told us that we can have some hope, not much but some. And I am holding onto that little bit of hope, b/c I want my uncle to come back to us!!! I want to be able to give him a huge hug again and see his smile that is just glowing. He has the best smile, one where he just lights up and you can see his eyes twinkling and his smile wraps from ear to ear!!!! Please pray for him!!! Pray for a miracle!!! Pray for my aunt and my family! My aunt and uncle have been married FOREVER and are soo still in love and cute. She is devastated to say the least and my mom is too!!! My uncle is soo loved so our entire family was at the hospital today and I just wish he could've seen!!!! I really want my uncle to meet our child!!!! Please Lord heal my sweet Uncle G.T.!!!! Thank you Lord!!!


Amber said...

Prayers for him and your family please keep us updated on things.

Nichole said...

Dana - I am praying for your uncle and the entire family! Keep us updated! I am so sorry he is ill again!

Michelle said...

Sening lots of prayers for your Uncle and you and your family. I am so sorry to hear this.