Wednesday, November 25, 2009

No parvo virus, but not immune!!

My doctor just called me, yep she called me today! And I am so glad she did b/c I have been so preoccupied with getting ready for thanksgiving that I totally forgot that I was suppose to call them today and ck on my results from my bloodwork. Remember I was exposed to 5ths disease, the parvo virus, and my doctor wanted me to come in and see if I had it. Well, Thank the Lord I do not! However, I do not have an immunity to it so I have to steer clear of some of my family for a while. I am so thankful that I do not have it, but I wish I had an immunity to it as well. Then I would feel more comfortable being around other ppl, especially kids. I just remember when it was going around in my hometown and if it is going around at my nephew's school then I am afraid that I will be exposed once again and this time not be so lucky.

I guess this is another thing I will have to give up to God and pray a lot about! I pray every night for my child's safety and health. I am really going to have to pray a lot b/c we have the upcoming holidays and you know there will be tons of hugs involved. I may have to have a no hug policy for now. If I can uphold it...I am a pushover and a big hugger!!! So we will see!!! Thank y'all for your continued prayers for our precious child! We appreciate them so very much!!!


The Patterson's said...

Great news! I'm a hugger, too, so that would be hard....good luck! And, Happy Thanksgiving!

shauna said...

I'm glad you got your results quickly and that you don't have the virus. They say once you've passed the halfway (20 wk) part of your pregnancy that the baby will be fine, it's just if you get the virus before that. Just wash your hands and don't change any diapers, and I think you'll be fine! Oh, your tummy pic is too cute by the way!!! Hope you and Todd have a great Thanksgiving, and we're thanking God (with you) for your precious miracle baby!
Love ya!

Michelle said...

I am glad that you do not have it. I think the no hugs policy would be a good thing. I think people would understand!

Have a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!