Friday, November 6, 2009

just a lil' update

I knew that sooner or later I would get sick and I am hoping that this is the last time I get sick in my pregnancy! I have been having these horrible headaches lately and assumed they were sinus related b/c of where they were located and plus I have allergy problems a lot. I finally had to break down and took some tylenol and the headaches eased up. However, they were followed by a really bad sore throat! I woke up the other night and thought my throat was on fire it hurt so badly. Then the next day my nose started running and then completely stopped up. I was miserable.

I had a doctor's appt. b/c I wanted to rule out strep, swine flu, and the flu! My doctor (general doc) tested me for strep and it was negative..whew!!! They didn't get the testers for swine flu or the flu b/c they said they were only 50% accurate and not worth using. My dr. said she didn't think I had either of the flus and gave me a z-pack and said that should make me better. Of course, I checked with Todd about the z-pack and it is a class B drug and safe for pg women. He said they give it to pg women all of the time. My dr. said that the z-pack would help if I did have strep but it was too early to register on the test.

Last night I thought I was gonna die!! I had a a super low fever of 99.5, but I had chills and my eyes and head was on fire. Todd had to work til 10 so I was at home alone and being a big baby!!!! I was worried about the low fever and so Todd and I decided I should take some tylenol b/c when I first measured my temp it was 99.3 and then it rose to 99.5 after I took just one tylenol. That made me wanna take one more tylenol b/c I was worried I would wake up with a super high fever or not wake up and then have that fever all night without knowing. And I know that a fever is not good when you are pregnant.

Thankfully, I broke out into sweats after the second tylenol and I think my fever broke b/c my chills went away!! I didn't sleep well last night but this morning I feel so much better. I am sneezing my head off, but my sore throat is just scratchy now and not screaming :D Thank God!!!! As you know I was terrified that I would get very sick and something would happen to the baby!

On a happier note I got my doppler yesterday evening. Yep, in the midst of all of this worrying I got my doppler a day early. Thank You God for that!!!!! I immediately cked to find babe's hb. And within 3 minutes I found it. I wasn't sure what I was listening for, but as soon as I figured out what my heart sounded like I found baby's heartbeat. At first I could hear both...then I moved the doppler over a bit and could hear the most precious fast little heartbeat!!! I was so excited and happy that even though I was feeling horrible and suffering that my little baby was doing just fine!!! The doppler I rented tells you the heart rate and babe's heart rate was around 171! When Todd got home from work we heard the heart beat again and it was soo strong. I think that we heard the heart beat more clearly b/c I had a full bladder! We were both so overjoyed!!! Thank You Lord for this miracle!!!!! I plan to get Todd to help me record the heartbeat so I can post it on here for y'all to hear!!

Okay so I guess this isn't such a little update after all! Love y'all!!!!!


Michelle said...

I hope you feel better soon!

momof5girls said...

Aawww! I'm so sorry you are sick. I hope your meds are kicking in quickly. I love the sound of that precious little heart!