Sunday, November 8, 2009

14 week belly pic and a round up!!!!

Weekly Round Up!!!

How far along: 14 weeks!!!!
Total weight gain/loss: start wt=126.5, now=132, gained 5.5lbs, it has to be all the fluid build up in my head from my cold!!! I could blow my nose for days and I would never get all of this crud out!!!
Maternity clothes? I bought two pairs of maternity pants and LOVE them!! They are so freeing!!! Oh and I bought a shirt too!! Can't wait to get more!!
Sleep: This week my sleep has been hindered not b/c of pregnancy, but b/c I am sick with a cold!
Best moment this week: The doppler I have rented came in and within minutes I found Babe's heartbeat :D Hearing that my little one was doing great even though mom was feeling horrible made me so much happier. I was worried about my little monkey!! And I got to let my parents hear the hb and even record it to share with others!
Gender: Not sure anymore! We both don't really care, but Todd has been saying SHE a lot. I just want a healthy baby!!! We have about 6 more wks til the BIG u/s!
Movement: none yet, but I cannot wait to feel this miracle kicking me!
Food cravings: I am still craving good ole southern veggies and cornbread!! And gatorade! And sweet tea!!!!! And now I can add hot and sour soup to the list! It is so good when you have a cold and a sore throat!
What I miss: My health. I have heard that when you are pregnant your immune system is lower than normal and I found that to be true this week b/c I am SICK! I haven't been sick in forever and I am not liking it at all!!!
What I am looking forward to: of course my next OB appt. (next week, YAY), but also getting a bigger bump!!
Weekly Wisdom: That I am the mom and what I say goes!!! With this child :D And yes I will take Todd's opinion into consideration..hehe I am just kidding. What Mom and Dad says goes...PERIOD!!
Symptoms: I am not sure if it is b/c I have a cold that I am not seeing as many symptoms as before or if I am finally over the 1st trimester yucks! My girls are still sore and still HUGE though!!! Other than coughing and sneezing my head off I feel fine!


Amber said...

you look absolutely adorable and so tiny! Just curious where you got your maternity clothes Im still looking and havent found any I like.

Dana said...

Amber, thanks but I know it is the angle of the camera and the jeans that make me look smaller than I am. I am a very curvy person :D I got my jeans from motherhood maternity and LOVE them!!!

shauna said...

Love the belly pics!!! I don't know about where you girls live, but I found it alot easier to buy clothes on the internet. (mostly from Motherhood and Old Navy) Stores around my area had only tiny little sections of maternity clothes. We have a motherhood store in Destin, but I got really good deals at motherhood online. Once you figure out your size buying online is easy, cause maternity grows with you!