Sunday, November 29, 2009

17 weeks!

The bump says: Baby's skeleton is hardening, changing from rubbery cartilage to bone, and fat is finally accumulating around it. His umbilical cord is getting thicker and stronger, and those little fingers and toes now feature one-of-a-kind prints.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


We had a great time fellowshipping with our family this Thanksgiving!!! I was able to take some pictures, but wish I had taken more! Next year I will get one with my cuz MB!! My sis took some pics too so maybe I can share more later. Here is the star of the show...the table of food!! It was so yummy!!! My daddy with my cousing Sarah! I cannot believe how grown up she is and of course as beautiful as ever!!
A group pic with my parents, my uncles, aunts, and of course the kids had to get in too!!
My dad and my uncle chatting it up and telling us about their childhood! Still not sure how they survived each other :D
The gorgeous Franklin family. My sister needs to do her own blog..maybe I can talk her into it!!! And of course Anna Claire is being silly that is her the comedian of the family!
First pregnant picture together!!!!
The girls..minus Ali! We missed my bro and sil soooooooo much!!!!!! Poor Momma always closes her eyes. We should have done one without the flash.
Sisters with sisters!!!
Couldn't you just EAT THEM UP!!!!
Playing on the piano with Uncle Todd!!! They wanted him to "play" so they could dance!
I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving as well!!!

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Friday, November 27, 2009


We have purchased our very first baby item and I am super excited. We found this crib for a great deal and ordered it tonight!!!
Here it is~

My sister is giving us her old changing table and we are using my grandpa's old dresser. Now all we need is a rocker and we are set!!!! YAY!!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

No parvo virus, but not immune!!

My doctor just called me, yep she called me today! And I am so glad she did b/c I have been so preoccupied with getting ready for thanksgiving that I totally forgot that I was suppose to call them today and ck on my results from my bloodwork. Remember I was exposed to 5ths disease, the parvo virus, and my doctor wanted me to come in and see if I had it. Well, Thank the Lord I do not! However, I do not have an immunity to it so I have to steer clear of some of my family for a while. I am so thankful that I do not have it, but I wish I had an immunity to it as well. Then I would feel more comfortable being around other ppl, especially kids. I just remember when it was going around in my hometown and if it is going around at my nephew's school then I am afraid that I will be exposed once again and this time not be so lucky.

I guess this is another thing I will have to give up to God and pray a lot about! I pray every night for my child's safety and health. I am really going to have to pray a lot b/c we have the upcoming holidays and you know there will be tons of hugs involved. I may have to have a no hug policy for now. If I can uphold it...I am a pushover and a big hugger!!! So we will see!!! Thank y'all for your continued prayers for our precious child! We appreciate them so very much!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I am thankful!!!!!!

This thanksgiving I have something very special to be thankful for!!! Every year while ttc and going through treatment after treatment I would get to a holiday and wish that I was pregnant or had a child to celebrate that holiday. Every holiday came and went and I would say that by next thanksgiving I will be mother's day. And every year I would feel this great sadness at each holiday.

It was not that long ago that I talked about my great sadness. I stole that phrase from the book the amazing book btw. It was not long ago that I had this enormous hole in my heart and I didn't see an end to my suffering!! Today I look back and I cannot believe I am here. I cannot believe I am pregnant and here we are coming up on a holiday. And not just any holiday, but a holiday that stresses being thankful.

I am so thankful for this miracle child!!! Words could never thank God enough for this blessing! To me thankful doesn't even cover how I feel. This blessing has filled the enormous hole in my heart and replaced my great sadness with overflowing joy!!!! I can't help but cry when I think about how blessed I am and remember how things were before!!! I know this holiday is going to be hard for my fellow sisters still ttc!! I wish I could fill your hearts and take the pain away.

This year I am thankful for modern medicine. Something that God gave us the ability to do!! I am thankful for the chance to be pregnant and experience every little bit of what pg entails. I am thankful for all the shots I had to take for the IVF, for the tons of headaches the meds gave me, for countless trips to ATL to my RE doctor, for all the tears and suffering that has led me to this point, for all the prayers from all of my family and friends, for all of the life lessons I have learned, and for most of all for the end result which is this child! May God bless you sweet child and may you always know how much your parents love you!!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

OB appt.

I went to the OB today and they got some blood and sent me on my way. I asked them if they were testing for immunity or to see if I had 5ths disease. She wasn't sure but thought she was testing to see if I had it. I asked her tons of questions and she really couldn't answer them, but thankfully she went into the back and asked someone for me. Apparently, I will not know any news for about a week and a half or so. She said I could call them next wednesday to see if they have my results. I was a bit upset when I left the office.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fifths Disease!!!

I have been exposed to Fifths disease. I am trying not to freak out, but Dr. Google makes me a bit nervous. I read online that the worst case scenario is that it can cause the baby to be anemic and do something to the amniotic fluid and of course the VERY worst case scenario is miscarriage. However, I did read that usually 50% of ppl are immune to the virus and I am praying I am one of those 50%! I think you become immune if you had it when you were younger and this virus is hard to notice. Usually you get a rash or your cheeks get red, kinda like you were slapped and sore joints. Sometimes you have no symptoms. So I am hoping I had this when I was little!! Of course, I am freaking out and trying not to. I just worry that this miracle will be taken away from me. And my biggest fear has been me getting sick and it hurting the baby. That has been my MAIN worry this entire pregnancy. I am sure it is due to hearing stories of mothers that have gotten sick and it resulted in the death of their unborn child.

I had just gotten comfortable with everything and just started to calm down and enjoy this pregnancy. In the beginning of my pregnancy my neighbors had strep and then I got that cold and was worried it was H1N1. I called my OB and left a message! I am hoping they don't take too long to call me back. I am thinking they will want me to come in for a blood test and see if I am immune or even have it.

There are so many things out there that could happen. A person could go nuts and become a hermit if she thought too much about it...ME!!!!! I just want to be a good mom and take care of my child. I am willing to do ANYTHING to keep this child safe!!! Please pray for this child and I will update y'all when I know more!

Monday, November 16, 2009


I lost my uncle on Saturday night. The doctors did several tests and confirmed that he was brain dead and so then my aunt had to make the decision to keep him on the ventilator or not. It was so difficult for her, but she knew that my uncle's wishes before hand and so I am sure that helped a little bit. He passed right away after he was taken off of the ventilator. I was able to go in and tell him how much I loved him, thanked him for always looking out for me, and assured him that I would look after my aunt!!! My sister told him not to dance too much in heaven and his mouth moved, which assured us that he knew what we were saying. Even though I know he was already with Jesus, he gave us that gift of seeing his mouth move and we had peace about our goodbye to him!!! There is no way to express how much he will be missed and how much I love him! We are going to the visitation tonight and the funeral tomorrow! There has been an outpour of love from family and friends and I know that helps my aunt and my mom during this difficult time. Please keep my aunt and my mom in your thoughts and prayers. They are being strong right now, but I know once things slow down and ppl stop coming around then that will be the hardest time for them both!

I had my doctor's appt. today and even though my heart has been aching, this miracle child warmed my heart up today!!! The visit was quick and the dr. just cked the hb and said all was great. She offered a blood test to ck for some disorders and I agreed to it. It was just a blood test and not that amnio test thingie. It would NEVER change how much we already love this child, but atleast we can prepare if need be! She scheduled my next appt. a week earlier than planned. She said that b/c I was small that they could do the next u/s at 19 weeks instead of 20 weeks. That is the BIG appt. and we will find out if we are having a SARAH or a NOAH!!!

I would post my 15 week belly pic but I look homely in it! I guess my exhaustion from going to the hospital each day showed on my face. But my belly hasn't grown much! And one last update. I felt the baby move last friday. I asked the doctor about it today and described it and she said that I could feel the baby this early! It was so amazing!! I can't wait to feel babe move all of the time!

Thank y'all for all the prayers for my uncle and my family!! I know he is home now and one day I will see him again! He is at peace now, but we are all selfish and still want him here with us, but God knew better and knew it was time for my uncle to go home!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

update on my uncle

We just got news from the doctor that my uncle's frontal lobe has been severely damaged. Basically, it is what we have feared and I am so heartbroken!! My heart aches for my aunt!! Please pray for my Aunt Sue! I pray God wraps her up in His arms and gives her comfort and some peace!!!! I will update more later. Thank y'all for all of your prayers!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Prayer Warriors Mount Up!!

I need all of my prayer warriors out there..YOU!!!! My uncle had surgery a few weeks ago and had a tumor removed, he was then sent to a rehab facility to recover. He came home last night and my Aunt woke up around 2 am to my uncle having convulsions. She called my dad and he came over and had to do CPR on my uncle. Then the paramedics arrived and were able to bring him back. They took him to the hospital and he is on a ventilator right now.

I went straight to the hospital when my parents called me with the news and as soon as I saw him I lost it. He and my aunt are more like my grandparents. My mom and my uncle are 10 yrs apart so they are older and plus we have such an amazing relationship. I lost all of my grandparents when I was very young so I was blessed to have them to fill that roll for me!!!

The doctor came in around 5 this afternoon and told us that we can have some hope, not much but some. And I am holding onto that little bit of hope, b/c I want my uncle to come back to us!!! I want to be able to give him a huge hug again and see his smile that is just glowing. He has the best smile, one where he just lights up and you can see his eyes twinkling and his smile wraps from ear to ear!!!! Please pray for him!!! Pray for a miracle!!! Pray for my aunt and my family! My aunt and uncle have been married FOREVER and are soo still in love and cute. She is devastated to say the least and my mom is too!!! My uncle is soo loved so our entire family was at the hospital today and I just wish he could've seen!!!! I really want my uncle to meet our child!!!! Please Lord heal my sweet Uncle G.T.!!!! Thank you Lord!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

14 week belly pic and a round up!!!!

Weekly Round Up!!!

How far along: 14 weeks!!!!
Total weight gain/loss: start wt=126.5, now=132, gained 5.5lbs, it has to be all the fluid build up in my head from my cold!!! I could blow my nose for days and I would never get all of this crud out!!!
Maternity clothes? I bought two pairs of maternity pants and LOVE them!! They are so freeing!!! Oh and I bought a shirt too!! Can't wait to get more!!
Sleep: This week my sleep has been hindered not b/c of pregnancy, but b/c I am sick with a cold!
Best moment this week: The doppler I have rented came in and within minutes I found Babe's heartbeat :D Hearing that my little one was doing great even though mom was feeling horrible made me so much happier. I was worried about my little monkey!! And I got to let my parents hear the hb and even record it to share with others!
Gender: Not sure anymore! We both don't really care, but Todd has been saying SHE a lot. I just want a healthy baby!!! We have about 6 more wks til the BIG u/s!
Movement: none yet, but I cannot wait to feel this miracle kicking me!
Food cravings: I am still craving good ole southern veggies and cornbread!! And gatorade! And sweet tea!!!!! And now I can add hot and sour soup to the list! It is so good when you have a cold and a sore throat!
What I miss: My health. I have heard that when you are pregnant your immune system is lower than normal and I found that to be true this week b/c I am SICK! I haven't been sick in forever and I am not liking it at all!!!
What I am looking forward to: of course my next OB appt. (next week, YAY), but also getting a bigger bump!!
Weekly Wisdom: That I am the mom and what I say goes!!! With this child :D And yes I will take Todd's opinion into consideration..hehe I am just kidding. What Mom and Dad says goes...PERIOD!!
Symptoms: I am not sure if it is b/c I have a cold that I am not seeing as many symptoms as before or if I am finally over the 1st trimester yucks! My girls are still sore and still HUGE though!!! Other than coughing and sneezing my head off I feel fine!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Babe's First Video!!

Here is the first video of our precious baby! Well, you can't see Babe, but you can hear Babe's heartbeat!! I am LOVING this doppler!! Especially since I have been sick. It has given me peace of mind! And that is priceless!! Thank you God for protecting our child and keeping him/her safe! I hope y'all enjoy the video!

Friday, November 6, 2009

just a lil' update

I knew that sooner or later I would get sick and I am hoping that this is the last time I get sick in my pregnancy! I have been having these horrible headaches lately and assumed they were sinus related b/c of where they were located and plus I have allergy problems a lot. I finally had to break down and took some tylenol and the headaches eased up. However, they were followed by a really bad sore throat! I woke up the other night and thought my throat was on fire it hurt so badly. Then the next day my nose started running and then completely stopped up. I was miserable.

I had a doctor's appt. b/c I wanted to rule out strep, swine flu, and the flu! My doctor (general doc) tested me for strep and it was negative..whew!!! They didn't get the testers for swine flu or the flu b/c they said they were only 50% accurate and not worth using. My dr. said she didn't think I had either of the flus and gave me a z-pack and said that should make me better. Of course, I checked with Todd about the z-pack and it is a class B drug and safe for pg women. He said they give it to pg women all of the time. My dr. said that the z-pack would help if I did have strep but it was too early to register on the test.

Last night I thought I was gonna die!! I had a a super low fever of 99.5, but I had chills and my eyes and head was on fire. Todd had to work til 10 so I was at home alone and being a big baby!!!! I was worried about the low fever and so Todd and I decided I should take some tylenol b/c when I first measured my temp it was 99.3 and then it rose to 99.5 after I took just one tylenol. That made me wanna take one more tylenol b/c I was worried I would wake up with a super high fever or not wake up and then have that fever all night without knowing. And I know that a fever is not good when you are pregnant.

Thankfully, I broke out into sweats after the second tylenol and I think my fever broke b/c my chills went away!! I didn't sleep well last night but this morning I feel so much better. I am sneezing my head off, but my sore throat is just scratchy now and not screaming :D Thank God!!!! As you know I was terrified that I would get very sick and something would happen to the baby!

On a happier note I got my doppler yesterday evening. Yep, in the midst of all of this worrying I got my doppler a day early. Thank You God for that!!!!! I immediately cked to find babe's hb. And within 3 minutes I found it. I wasn't sure what I was listening for, but as soon as I figured out what my heart sounded like I found baby's heartbeat. At first I could hear both...then I moved the doppler over a bit and could hear the most precious fast little heartbeat!!! I was so excited and happy that even though I was feeling horrible and suffering that my little baby was doing just fine!!! The doppler I rented tells you the heart rate and babe's heart rate was around 171! When Todd got home from work we heard the heart beat again and it was soo strong. I think that we heard the heart beat more clearly b/c I had a full bladder! We were both so overjoyed!!! Thank You Lord for this miracle!!!!! I plan to get Todd to help me record the heartbeat so I can post it on here for y'all to hear!!

Okay so I guess this isn't such a little update after all! Love y'all!!!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh No the BIG 30!!!

We celebrated Todd's 30th birthday yesterday and went out to eat with the family!! I told Todd about the dinner b/c he isn't a lover of surprises. I invited my, dad, sis, neecy poos and Toby's, dad, sis, bro in law, and nephews. My bro. in law couldn't come b/c he was in class. Here is a pic of our neecy poos right up under Uncle Todd! They adore him!! And his nephews adore him too!!! Here is Caleb giving Uncle Todd some lovin!!
I just love this picture of Jacob, Todd told him to do a silly face...tooo cute!!

Here comes the cake and as you can see all the kiddos are surrounding Todd!!

I hate this pic of me..cause what is up with my bangs, but look at how beautiful my neecy poo Anna Claire is. Love her!! I only had a chance to see her for a second b/c she wanted to be right by Uncle Todd :D

See He is one loved Uncle. Everyone said that our nephews and nieces won't know what to do when our baby comes..there will be some jealous kiddos!! and one jealous doggie too!!

Carley and Jacob haven't seen each other since they were both in my wedding when they were babies. They had so much fun together and after dinner Carley told Jacob that he needed to come over to her house to play some more...SO PRECIOUS!!!

And a shot of the whole family!!

I had to wait til after dinner to get a picture with the birthday boy! He was very busy before!! Happy 30th birthday my sweet husband! I love you soo much and this is going to be your best year b/c this is the year you get to meet your daughter or son!!!!! My love always~ Dana

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I DID IT!!!!!

I ordered a fetal doppler from I just couldn't take it anymore. I kept getting mixed reviews on whether or not to rent it, but alot of women on the bump rented it and loved it! So I did it!!!! I hope I don't regret doing that. I guess I just like to be proactive and I knew that Todd and everyone else would think I was crazy if I tried to schedule a sooner OB appt. Now I can listen to the baby's hb anytime I want and if I can't find the hb then I will call and make a sooner OB appt. I have told myself that I am not allowed to freak out if I cannot find the hb! My plan is to just call the doctor if I fail to find the hb. I will possible get the doppler in a few days so I am super excited!!! I am going to record it, but the last time I tried uploading a video to blogger to post on here it would never load. I am hoping that I can figure it out so I can share the video with y'all!!!