Tuesday, October 13, 2009

U/S Pic at 10 weeks!!!

Here is the u/s of Babe at 10 weeks!!! He/She was moving so much that the u/s tech almost couldn't get a pic and in this one you can she the baby's little hand on top of his/her face. Todd was joking that our baby has a big nose :D ..hehe Seeing Babe never ceases to amaze me!!! I love this child sooo much already!!! Thank you Lord!!!

Oh and I am so copying Nity on this one :D Love U girl! I just posted a poll on the right side of my blog. Please have fun and vote on if you think we are having a boy or a girl. I thought this would be fun considering the old wive's tales about heart rate and gender. I am keeping the poll up til Dec. 20th unless we find out the gender sooner :D


Amber said...

what a beautiful picture! I cant wait to see our baby tomorrow what a beautiful site!

shauna said...

We have an u/s of Jakob just like that. Big head little arms and legs. Jeremy used to call him our gingerbread man :) So glad that they let you get an u/s! It really helps to see that little heart beating. I have no idea what baby L will be, but I voted boy...Either way I just hope it's a healthy baby.
Love ya!