Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Daddy, My Hero!!

Today my daddy (say it like this deddy) came over to fix this outside plug in for us. Growing up I learned that my daddy could do anything, and I mean ANYTHING!! He can wire electricity, build anything from chairs to a room on the house, plumb the whole house, fix cars, and stain wood with the best of them!! There are a million more things that my dad is good at, he is a jack of all trades!!!!! Oh yeah, I forgot he has the greenest thumb ever!! Unfortunately I didn't inherit that green thumb! He is my hero!! When I was little he always made me feel so loved and safe! One time I remember having an earache and he put some meds in my ear and I was crying b/c I was in so much pain. Well, he told me this story about how there is this train in my ear and little ppl and they were getting the medicine and fixing my ear. I stopped crying immediately and could picture my little helpers in my ears :D He also knows how to "throw" hurt away, like when you skin your knee or fall down!!! There is nothing like being a daddy's girl!! And I am so one of them!!! Especially since I am the baby of the family!! I share that with my dad b/c he is the baby of his family and we know what it is like to always be asked to do something by your older brother and sister...even when you are an adult..hehe Here I am helping my dad with the plug in! I did this A LOT when I was young! My daddy would build things in the shop and I would go in there with him...before he knew it I had fallen asleep and I had wood shavings all over me! Those were the BEST naps! And I must brag and say that I helped my dad when he was building the porches on the shop. I learned how to plumb and make sure it was all measured out right :D
Daddy, I love you sooo very much! And I cherish all of the memories we have had together. I enjoyed being your helper today, it was just like old times. I guess I was right when I told you I would always be your little girl. I can't wait for this baby to know you and run around being your helper too!!!


Amber said...

how special for you two to share such a wonderful time:)

shelly said...

That is so precious! Reading it brings back alot of memories. I was exactly the same way with my dad. I am a huge daddy's girl. I was always out helping my dad or just with him. I fished and hunted with him all the time. I miss those times of doing that. At least he lives in the states again and I can go visit him and do that stuff when he is around. They lived in England for 3 years and now they are back. Glad you got to spend some time with your dad.

momof5girls said...

Oh my goodness! You make tears come to my eyes! I was not a daddy's girl, unfortunately, I didn't live with him til I was 6, but I was a huge Grandpa's girl and he was just like your dad! I loved him so much too and did everything with him. Wonderful memories! I know it will be so special for him when this baby is finally here! I just love Jakob so much and totally enjoy seeing my baby with her baby. Keeping you in our prayers!