Saturday, October 17, 2009

Love...Love..Love my Toby!!!

I am so blessed to have such an amazing and loving husband and best friend!!!! Of course, Todd has always been an amazing husband, but with pregnancy I am sure I notice a lot more. I will have to remember to always notice the little and big things that my sweety does for me with such love! I always knew he would be the best father and I see it more and more every day. He is so protective of me and kisses my belly every chance he gets. He whips out his phone with the latest u/s pics on it and shares them with everyone. Here is a picture of my stud husband vacuuming the stairs!! One of the many things he does and tells me to sit and relax. Remember this man works full time too, but comes home from a long day of work and wants to help me out!!!

And here is my sweety exhausted and sleeping on the couch. And our Maggie is such a daddy's girl. She wants to be right with him all of the time. Aren't they sweet!!!

Lastnight we tested out our new firepit (for our halloween party) and Todd hung some lights on our pergola. It was beautiful!! We were bundled up with Maggie in our arms and snuggled up with each other. We made smores and listened to some cool tunes! I felt so loved and so happy! There was lots of I love you's and kisses that Maggie wanted to join in on. She can't stand not having all of the attention :D So if she hears or sees us smooching, she jumps in our faces and starts licking our cheeks!

On the pregnancy front I am debating renting a doppler off of I am just paranoid and would like to hear Babe's hb every once in a while to let me feel better. Especially since I don't go back to the OB til Nov. 16 and they won't do an u/s at that appt. I have been reading about NT scans and am not sure if my OB has even mentioned it. Of course, I want to get one b/c then I get to see Babe for a long time on u/s. Any chance I get to see that baby I am so doing it!!! I have been feeling okay. Somedays I feel a little sick and others I am just super tired. And I am happy to report that I have been eating A LOT better. I have managed to up my protein and veggies. I know Mrs. Arlene will be proud :D At first veggies didn't sound good, but once I started eating them I couldn't stop!!!! Go Veggies!!!!

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shauna said...

Haha just what you needed, another mother right? I am glad you are eating veggies for little baby L's sake. It is amazing how men get this very protective nature about them from pregnancy on. It will bring you and Todd even closer than you've ever been!How sweet is the picture of him vaccuming? You'll make the rest of us jealous! j/k! I'm sure he's one proud daddy. :) Hope you have a great weekend!
Love ya