Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gender predictor, Germs, and 11 weeks!!!

Just for fun I tried that chinese gender predictor thingie. The funny thing is that with IVF it is hard to figure out what month to put in the conception section. I used the month that the eggs were fertilized instead of the date of the transfer from the FET. When I use that month I get the result of a girl. I also tried using the month of the transfer and I get needless to say either way they will be right..hehe I know those things are silly, but they are fun for me! I wanted to buy the intelligender test that was on the doctor's show. However, when I read the box it says if you have PCOS that your results won't be accurate!! So I was bummed b/c I wanted to see if it worked :D

Other than playing around I have been trying desperately not to get sick. It seems like EVERYONE around me is sick. And they all have different things! I got the flu shot the other day, but I am terrified of getting swine flu. And I don't think I will get the HINI vaccine. It just scares me a bit! So I am still on the fence. I cannot imagine how crazy I will be once this baby gets here! I am going to have a huge bottle of sanitizer at the front door for all to use..hehe Thankfully, this will be a May baby and it won't be flu season anymore!!!

Todd works in the healthcare system and so I make him wash his hands as soon as he gets home and I would like for him to put his clothes in the laundry room and take a shower, but I am sure that is going too far! I just don't want to do anything that may hurt this baby! I have been praying for God to help me with all of these fears. Sometimes I think I am nuts and other times I just know it is that protective instinct kicking in. However, with these hormones I could seriously see myself flipping out on some random stranger for sneezing near me..hehe

On a happier less crazy woman note...I am 11 weeks today. I don't have a belly pic yet b/c Toby is working. Hopefully, we will get one this afternoon. I have decided to hold off on getting a fetal doppler for now :D We will see if I change my mind a million bet is yes!!


Amber said...

I am so the same way, so paranoid at every little thing and Im another one who thinks Im going to skip out on the vaccine too. Happy 11 weeks!

Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

Girl, I am the say way! Germs stay away! I am lysoling everything and washing my hands a million times. I am gargling salt water and swabbing my nose with warm salt water too. I am doing everything I can think of. I do not want to get sick. I can't. If I do, the FET will be canceled!