Thursday, October 8, 2009

Food for thought!!!!

Food I have eaten today:
  • half a cup of milk with a handful of Cheerios
  • two poptarts with a glass of milk
  • a cup of hot and sour soup with those crunchy thingies
  • vegetable fried rice with sweet and sour sauce
  • vegetable egg roll
  • banana sandwich
  • 2 small bags of lays potato chips
  • two halloween cookies
  • 2 glasses of gatorade

Yep and I still want more food!!!!! If I keep eating like this I will be HUGE in no time. I really need to work on eating better...don't ya think..hehe


momof5girls said...

You need some protein girl and where are your green veggies??? Ooops, sorry, the mom just jumped out in me... Seriously, the protein will help you tremendously with the hunger issue and you need lots because baby is using a lot to build hair, nails and all the other protein loving parts. Happy for you!

Dana said...

I know..I know! I was thinking the exact thing! I have got to get better at what I eat. I promise I will Momma Arlene :D Love U!