Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Big Sis!!

I took Maggie and got her groomed today :D She is such a pretty girl!! They put two halloween bows in her hair, so I just had to get some fall pics of my baby!! She didn't really want to cooperate, but I got a few good ones in the mix. I tried to put her with a pot of our mums, but she really just wanted to jump down and play! Then I tried her in our outdoor chairs :D
She is probably thinking...momma leave me alone...haven't I been through enough today???
But I couldn't stop taking pics of my little monkey!!
Here she is about to jump down and let me know that this photoshoot is over!!hehe
Maggie is such a blessing and she is such a sweetheart!! She will always be our first baby and I can't wait to find her a shirt that says "I'm the BIG SIS!!"


Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

Ohhh loving me some Yorkies!!!

Michelle said...

OMG she is just so CUTE!!!!

Future Mum said...

What a sweet dog! It's funny how much you love them when you can't have a baby straight away - the dog totally becomes your baby! We have a dachshund who is just about the most pampered and adored pet ever - I wonder what she'll make of it when we get pregnant!!! Just wanted to say I found your blog when looking for fertility blogs and was so happy to see that you got your little babe growing in your belly - congrats!! This is really inspiring stuff for me - I know our little soul is somewhere out there and will come when she/he is ready....