Saturday, October 31, 2009

13 wk belly pics and maternity pants!

I finally got some maternity pants and I am loving them! They are so comfy and freeing! My belly is getting BIGGER!!!!!
Only two more weeks til my next OB appt. and it seems like FOREVER away!!!
I have a question for y'all. I am worried about the baby and wondering if I should call the OB and get a sooner appt. Or should I just wait it out the next two weeks and then request an u/s at my appt.??? I just feel worried b/c I haven't had an u/s in 3 wks and the last few ultrasounds my RE said the baby was measuring 4 days behind schedule. I just want to hear from an expert that the baby looks good and all is measuring on time. I am not sure if I told y'all, I know I planned on it. But we got to go to Todd's cousin's work this past Monday and get an u/s. She works for a cardiologist so the u/s wasn't clear at all. We did get to see the baby moving and see the heartbeat. However, she is not an u/s tech and we barely knew what we were looking at. I did feel good about everything after we left, but now I just want someone who knows what they are looking at to tell me everything is okay. Does that make sense or am I just hormonal???? Please tell me what you would do.


Ashley said...

You look great!! I think the baby is fine!! Did you get a doppler yet?? If not, you need to get one. It was my saving grace!!! On the days that you feel like that you need to be able to hear the heartbeat;)

shauna said...

Maternity pants!!!Yay! You'll be surprised how fast you fill them out too. I saw your little froggie kickin' it's legs on the ultrasound. Too cute. I think if it helps you to feel better then it's good you ordered the doppler. You need to try not to stress about the baby though...-k-? Easier said then done I know. Baby L needs his/her mama to be happy and calm. :) I know you feel great when you see the baby on u/s and then two or three days later you start to wonder how baby is, if baby is o.k. We've got to trust God to keep your baby healthy and safe. I'm believing he will.
Luv ya!