Sunday, October 18, 2009

11 Week Belly Pics!! (updated with pg record)

11 week belly pics!!!!
I must say I was feeling like I was losing my belly until I saw these photos!! My jeans weren't feeling as tight, but I have worn them a couple of times since I dried them and that always stretches them out! I definitely like the full body shot better than the close ups b/c I feel like you see more clearly how my belly has grown.
One more week and I will be into my second trimester! I have a cousin that works for a cardiologist and she may let Todd and me come into the office and do an u/s. I know you aren't suppose to get too many ultrasounds, but I really want to be able to video Babe moving around for a keepsake! I mean I already have a picture of this child as an embryo, I gotta have an u/s of him/her moving around in my belly! I promise I won't abuse my cousin and try to go to her office constantly! I have told myself this will be a one time thing!! And plus I will get to share the video with all of you :D FUN!!!! If we go it will be this Wednesday, so we will see!!!


How far along: 11 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: start wt=126.5, last week=130.5, this week=129.5 Gained 3lbs
Maternity clothes? I thought I was getting there, but this week I don't feel so bloated.
Sleep: My sleep has gotten back on track and I am no longer waking up with soreness in the morning, but my dreams are crazy!
Best moment this week: getting closer to the 2nd trimester!!!
Gender: Don't know yet, but after we saw the last u/s we started saying HE...hmmmm???
Movement: not there yet, but I swear each time I feel gas that it is the baby..hehe
Food cravings: thank goodness I have been craving good ole southern veggies and cornbread!! And gatorade!
Belly Button in or out? In.
What I miss: I want a Coke SOOOO badly!!
What I am looking forward to: my next OB appt. and hopefully hearing Babe's hb on the doppler!!
Weekly Wisdom: "Everyone will try to tell you how to be a momma and what to do with your baby, but you go with your instinct and what you want to do" said by my friend Joni!!
Milestones: One week closer to the 2nd trimester!!
Symptoms: Very Sore girls and they are HUGE, I get tired easier but not like I was earlier in the pregnancy, super human nose :D , still lots of airheadedness, now I can't eat enough, MOODINESS!! I am going to have to keep a check on my hormones before I get my foot stuck in my mouth!!!!


Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

Ohhh how fun! Praying I have these moments very soon! Praying my snowbabies are going to grow into beautiful, healthy babies in 9 months!!! We are transferring 2. Praying for them everyday!!!

shauna said...

Cute tummy! I love how you have all of them at the bottom of the page. Now we can compare :)
Glad to hear you are doing good...And no morning sickness! Yay! I will be praying for Sarah now. Everyone I've been praying for is pregnant...Sarah's turn!

shelly said...

I love seeing the belly getting rounder. You can definately tell it has grown. I know you are happy and I will keep praying for you.