Saturday, September 5, 2009

A stressor gets replaced by an honor!!!

I can add dumbness to my symptoms!!! I just realized that I only have enough endom.etrin to last me through tomorrow..yep tomorrow!! And with it being a holiday wkend no one can mail it to me before Tuesday. I started to freak out! Thankfully Todd was able to call around and found a pharmacy in ATL that has it. So after Todd gets off work we are making the trip to big town to get my meds! I tried to call my doctor and no one has called me back. They sometimes have some meds that I could use til I can get my refill in on Tuesday! I am sure I have frustrated todd to no end today! He has spent his morning at work calling pharmacies for me. He is such a sweetheart! Also, my vivell.e dot patch will not be covered on insurance this next refill so we will be paying out of pocket. The only thing that comes to my mind is that is is ALL worth it!! I will pay whatever I can for my baby! And I know that I need to keep taking these I will drive where ever!!! So that has been my morning...however I did hear something that has given me such a big smile and a warm heart.

Remember the woman in the Philippines that Todd and I were going to adopt from, but given the current law there is no jurisdiction for a private adoption in the Philippines????? Well, she had her little girl on the 1st and named her DANA!!!! I know...isn't that awesome. I feel soooo honored and proud! In the Philippines right now there is a little Dana and I am so psyched! I just can't even explain how overjoyed and thankful I am that they decided to name her after me. What a compliment!!! I am hoping that I will get to see pics of her. Todd and I have been so blessed to even know this family. They are truly amazing! So I am going to be positive today...I get to go to ATL with Todd and I was privileged enough to have a life named after me!! Today is going to be a good day!! I am going to look up places to eat in ATL and tell Todd we are going to enjoy our trip into "town"..hehe. There are a few places that we love to I can't wait.

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Nichole said...

Dana - what a sweet hubby you have! Having the baby named after you just proves what a wonderful person you are! What an amazing honor!