Monday, September 14, 2009

Soccer! ***update***

We had our first soccer game this wkend. It was fun! I got to sit on the bench with the kiddos and help make sure that everyone got a chance to play. The kids were so funny. After a while they were getting restless. Ya see we only play 3 at a time and we have 9 kiddos. So there is 6 sitting out with me. They were doing cartwheels and flips and hanging on the bench. I bet I said sit down you may hurt each other with your careful. Yeah, and with my soft voice they were like whatever!! So I had to get all teacher voice on them...hehe Then one child spilled his gatorade and was playing in it. For tonight's game I am bringing paper towels!!!! I was so proud of our team..the tadpoles! Even though they scored in the other team's goal a few times..and my niece was one of them that did that..hehe They really understood the jist of the game and did really well. We don't keep score for this age so all wins!
Okay here I am being all official with my folder! I didn't get to sit much until I got to feeling sick and then I had to sit down. my neecy poo is sitting right next to me!
There's my girl making a goal. Yes, it was in the wrong goal! But she got the idea!!
I am so proud of her! She got in there and played hard!

Todd got a pic of her while posing for the photographer.shhhhh don't tell..hehe
We have another game this evening and I am looking forward to it! I am so sick of being in my house!!!!! 3 more days til the big U!!!!!


Okay I had to update and let y'all know how sick I am today! It has hit me like a ton of bricks. Todd and I went to look at halloween stuff for our upcoming halloween costume party and on the way back we had to pull over b/c I was about to throw up. Todd didn't want to pull in someone's driveway (and I didn't either) so we found a pullover spot and by then I was okay. Then I bent over to pull the door shut and had to fling it back open to run out of the car and throw up. Well, I didn't throw up, but I almost did :D I am so excited about almost throwing up. And right now I am sooooo sick, but so happy about it!! Then I realized I am exactly 6 weeks today :D So let the sickness begin :D I have decided against going to soccer tonight b/c I am scared I will have to throw up and I am in front of everyone with nowhere to hide and I DO NOT want to throw up in front of everyone! So I am taking my sis up on her offer to sit in as coach. She is a sweetheart!! Thank you sissy!!!!! Sorry you had to read so much about throw up :D


shauna said...

I'm glad you can rejoice in your sickness ;). Just try to remember how glad you were to be sick in the beginning, because it's hard not to get cranky and whiny towards the end of pregnancy. Praying for your appointment on Friday...Almost here!
Love ya.

I Believe in Miracles said...

It's funny when we want to feel symptoms! Love the soccer pics. Too cute. It's so funny when kiddos shoot into the wrong goal. It's hysterical when it's adults. I'm guilty of shooting in the wrong basket for b-ball in middle school... it happens to everyone.
Can't wait to hear. Praying for you!!

Nichole said...

That is so awesome! My neice and nephew both play soccer (although they are now in High School) I have watched them play since they were your neice's age. It is so much fun!

I am so glad you are starting to feel more symptoms. I hope the sickness stays with you enough to give you reassurance, but not so much that you are homebound! LOL