Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just a little panic moment!

Two posts in one day..oh bless all of you for having to put up with me for the next two weeks!!! I went to meet my mil for dinner tonight and on the way there I kinda had a little panic attack. Not really a panic attack just a little panic moment. The last time I was pg I went to eat with my mil a lot at the same restaurant so I was kinda freaking myself out. Wondering is this just like last time...am I going to lose the baby again. I totally freaked. Plus we all know that my diet makes me nervous and I feel like my diet could have contributed to my miscarriage. So on the way I am debating in my head what to order...should I order french fries...I should NOT order sweet tea. Yep, no sweet tea!! Sweet tea is my crack and I have been good so far. And I was good again tonight..YAY go me!! Instead of craving chips or ice cream...I crave sweet tea!!

So now I am debating coming off of my antidepressant. I mean what... it is only tuesday and I am already freaking out. However, I do have a plan. I am going to pray!! Pray..pray...pray!! And then when I am done..pray some more! I know I have no control over this so I just have to remind myself that a lot!! And I hate that my nurse said no to anymore bloodwork in between beta #2 and my first u/s. She even said I will have to stress like the rest. She is so thoughtful. Man, I picked a winner as far as fertility clinics didn't I?? hehehe It's like you get pg and then they don't want to monitor you at all. They monitored my empty uterus way more than this pregnancy. Okay enough ranting..gotta save some for tomorrow. :D


shauna said...

Hey girl,
I totally understand the panic attack feeling. Unfortunately even when the pregnancy progresses you are tempted to worry. Just remember God is in control. I am dealing with the same feelings after what I've recently been through, and like you I have to just cling to the Lord and know he has a purpose, nothing happens that is out of his control. He will take care of us.
Love ya.

Becca said...

Dana, I just got back from an out-of-town trip and saw your news. CONGRATS!! I am so excited for you!! :) Praise the Lord!

momof5girls said...

All I know is the after this little one, you are moving to Florida before you have another and use the best fertility specialist in the world and be treated like you should! Anyway,
We all love you and are praying like crazy for ya. Just rest in the Lord. I know this may sound totally unacceptable to a dyed-in-the-wool tea drinker (I'm married to one, says he doesn't drink water cause fish pee in it,LOL!) but what about trying to get used to green tea made iced? It's supposed to be good for everyone and maybe you could tolerate it just for baby's sake??? Hope it helps.

Caroline said...

Hi Dana,

I have just started following your blog, and it's really good to "meet you." I've been blogging for a while about infertility, and am now pregnant with my first IVF baby (due in February).
I understand the anxiety that you are experiencing, and I just wanted to encourage you that you are doing so well. I know it must be nerve wracking to be pregnant after all you have been through. I'll be following your story and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
Caroline x