Thursday, September 24, 2009

It takes a village!

The other day I got a phone call from Todd's mom and she asked me if I would mind
if she came over on the Thursdays that Todd worked all day and help clean my house!!
I am not sure if I yelled YES or if I calmly said it :D She said that she didn't want me
sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming!!! And trust me it has not been done since before the
transfer!! So you can imagine the dust bunnies that have accumulated!!!! It is weird b/c
it is REALLY hard for me to accept help, but I told myself that I have to put
Babe first and not my pride!!!! So today was cleaning day and my house smells so clean!!!
Thank you soooo much Mom Livingston!!!!

Todd's Mom and a friend at her retirement party!

I am so blessed to have so many people that love me and want to take care of me!! I am not sure how I would have even dealt with IF without so many loving ppl in my life! I know that Babe is going to be spoiled rotten!! And I LOVE that saying "it takes a village to raise a child"! And I completely believe this..all of my amazing family and friends will be such an inspiration and tremendous support system for Babe Livingston :D I can't wait for our child to get to know each and every person that means so much to us!

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shauna said...

That is so nice of Todd's mom. What a blessing to have a sweet mother-in-law! Let me tell you, I know it's hard to accept help, but if people offer definitely take them up on it. When I was on bedrest it was sooo hard to let people help me, but it's so nice to come home from the hospital and have a clean house. You will get to the point where you're so tired, and the help will be much appreciated. Can't wait to meet Baby Livingston!