Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Heart Fall!!

It is sad when you pray to God to be sick :D Yep, that is right last night I prayed for more pg symptoms. Especially the throwing up kind. I prayed for it so hard b/c I have heard that being sick is a good sign. I know that all women are different and each pregnancy is different...I just know that I will feel better if I was more sick.

And low and behold I feel sick right now!!! I am not heaving or anything, but I do feel nauseous and my tummy just doesn't feel right. My back is achy and I just feel yucky! Yesterday I threw up and was very excited about it :D Todd and I went shopping for halloween party decor and we tried to find halloween costumes for our party. After shopping I was so hungry and feeling light headed so we went to Mcie D's and I got an oreo blizzard. Well that is what came up later. Those things only come in large so I kinda kept eating it when I probably should have stopped. I felt much better after I threw up ;D I know you love all these details.

I am pretty psyched about our halloween party. I am not decorating with gory stuff. I am decorating with classic fall and halloween things like pumpkins, spider webs and spiders, black cats, and ghosts! And Todd and I want to dress up as something funny, but we totally disagree on what we both want. We went into one store and I thought being raggedy ann and andy would be HILARIOUS! However, Todd said absolutely not! He wanted us to dress up as Zach Morris and Screech, with me being screech. I said absolutely not..hehe So there is no telling what we will come up with!!! I just love the idea of dressing up and of course having all the sweets! I am going to make tons of goodies from cookies to cupcakes! I just want everyone to feel like a kid again and have fun. We are even gonna have a smore's station on the back patio.

I LOVE FALL!! I am so glad it is finally here! Now if the weather would just cooperate!

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