Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Yep, I hate fac.ebook!!! I just logged on and found yet another persont that is pregnant and far enough along to know that they are having a boy. And my stomach is so upset right now...and that huge clock started ticking even louder in my ears! I swear I always get caught off guard and it feels like I just got the wind knocked out of me..and I am pg right now. But I just don't feel like it is official yet and I know what it feels like to start the race and then have to sit out and watch everyone around you finish the race. It sucks!!! Why is it that this still hurts so much! I should be used to this by now, right? Okay now Friday won't get here fast enough. Please I need all of your prayers right now! I know that God has a plan so please pray for me and Todd! I don't know what we will find out Friday. I know what I hope to find out, but who knows! So I need prayers to make it through whatever happens! I pray that this baby is thriving and growing and will stay for the long haul! I am in tears right now over this! Oh I hate this...I have to be still and know that God is God!!!


Michelle said...

I know it is hard but Breathe! I am praying for you!

Amber said...

praying for you that everything is fine and you have great news on Friday:)

The Unproductive One said...

Seriously Dana, chill out. So the chick on your Facebook is knocked up but you know what? SO ARE YOU!?! It doesn't matter if you're 3 weeks, 3 months or 20 weeks along, you're both knocked up, mission accomplished!! LOL

I said that out of love honestly I did because you need to relax and ENJOY your pregnancy, you don't know what the future holds so why waste the present by worrying about it?

You WILL hold a living breath baby in your arms, your ultrasound WILL go fine and you WILL start to relax and really enjoy being knocked up!

OR I'll have to hop a plane and fly alllll the way over there to MAKE you relax LOL!


shauna said...

Girl, I know what you're talking about. When I was pregnant my brother-in-law called to tell us that they were expecting again (they had a little one less than a year old also), and I had an emotional breakdown. I think it just reminds us of how hard we've had to work at this. It does get easier though. God will help you through, just cling to him.
Love ya!

Alissa said...

You're both in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you find something to busy yourself today so tomorrow comes even faster!

Melissa said...

I am saying a prayer for you. Try to relax, I know harder said then done being what you went thru....I would be the same way.