Friday, September 25, 2009

Goody Bags!

Just a few picks!

I finally got everything that will go in the goody bags for the halloween party and one thing is this cute little package of bat droppings :D It was just too cute to pass up! And I had to show y'all these cute pumpkin coasters I got at Tar-Jah! I bought like 10 of them and have them all over the house.
Changing subjects: I got this gift in the mail the other day from a friend. I LOVE Veggie Tales and I cannot wait to start reading this book!!
And of course this card says it all...isn't it cute!!!!

So far on the pg front I am excited to say that God has answered my prayers by giving me sympotms! Yes, I prayed for pg symptoms :D I haven't been throwing up sick, just queasy and I will take it! And nothing sounds good to eat so I am just trying to get down whatever sounds good. For example, lunch for me today was potatoe chips and dip!! I know that is not very nutritious, but I am hoping in the days to come that vegetables sound good to eat!! I have actually planned to cook veg. beef stew in the crock pot tonight so then I will have some good vegies!! Today I am 7 weeks and 5 days pregnant and I have one more week til the 2nd u/s! HaPpY FrIdAy EvErYoNe!!!! Enjoy Ur wkend!!


Michelle said...

I am so happy for you! I will continue to pray for you until that little baby gets here safely and soundly! Congratulations!!!

Alissa said...

I'm so happy you don't want to eat! ;-) j/k!!! I hope this week flies by and you get to see your babe again before you know it!

I Believe in Miracles said...

I hope you're enjoying your weekend sweetie! Glad you're able to take it easy and get some cute stuff too! Those coasters are adorable.

Amber said...

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Those are cute coasters from one of my favorite stores!
I guess Im about 3-4 wks behind you so excited to share in the journey with you:)