Sunday, September 6, 2009

Get up and get the stink blown off of u!!!

Have y'all seen the hop.e fl.oats movie?? It is one of my favs! There is one part that I quote alot and it is when the momma comes in and tells sand.ra bul.lock's character "to get up and get the stink blown off of you"...hehe I quoted that wrong on a friend's blog today..whoops.. I said dirt instead of stink. Neways you get the idea. Sometimes when we are sad and just at a point where we want to stay in bed with the covers over our heads we have to get up to get to feeling better. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Yesterday, I had to make myself get in the shower and get ready. It was tough b/c I was having a I hate how I feel day. On those days I hate how clothes my hair feels, nothing looks good on me...and I am just ornery!!!! So I prayed for God to help me get my hair dried and straightened without throwing the hair dyer our the window. It takes me like 20 minutes just to dry my mop...b/c it is soooo thick! Then it takes me a good 15 minutes to straighten it and take it from frizzy to manageable! So I HATE doing my hair. But I HAD to get ready b/c I HAD to go to ATL and get my meds. Also, I was determined that Todd and I would have a good time last night!! Well, it didn't work out that way! We started off the evening running around in circles b/c we forgot to get my FIL's gps thingie. We finally got it and then we made a wrong turn...with the help of the gps. Reminder don't take it for it's word literally...sometimes it says turn left and all you are doing is going on a curve that goes left. Well, we actually turned left and if you have ever been in ATL you will know that this can be annoying. There are a million roads named peachtree and there are a million one ways and a million drivers that are annoyed by your slowness!! I bet we got honked at three times and one woman actually yelled at Todd!! So needless to say we were in an even more bad mood than before we started our trip!! We opted out of going to eat in ATL b/c we just wanted to get closer to home and small town living again! We hit up our favorite sandwich shop..fireh.ouse subs and went home.

But then as we are approaching our exit I realized that we had left Todd's truck at his work. And Todd was scared that someone would break into it b/c they have had some breakins lately. We ended up almost getting home and then having to go back north to get T's truck! We were both exhausted from the crazy traffic in ATL and just wanted to get home. As soon as we got home we took Maggie out and hit the sack!!! It was then that I decided I was getting up early to make Toby some bkfast. I felt so bad for not realizing my meds needed to be refilled and for making us have to drive into stressville!!!

I made my sweetie a good breakfast so he could start a good day at work! I think he really liked it too! Which made me sooo happy. I had 15 minutes to get ready for sunday school so I had to hurry and just do the best I could to make it.

Then in class I found out that someone in there had just been let out of the hospital with Yeah..I started freaking out!!! I even tried not to breathe too much b/c I didn't know how contagious it was. Then the conversation turned to h1n1 or something like that and how this was going around in all the schools! Yep, had a school teacher sitting right beside me! I almost got up and walked out b/c I was so scared of catching something and it hurting the baby. I held my composure and then high tailed it out to the car after sunday school. I called todd at work and asked him if I was going to kill the baby. He explained that I would be okay and that is hard to catch and that h1n1 is what they call the flu. I still was worried so I went home and washed my hands really well!!! Now I am exhausted! My nose is stopping up and my eyes are my allergies are coming to stay for a while :D

However, even though things didn't go as planned I am glad I got up and got the stink blown off of me b/c I am feeling better and at more peace. I prayed last night for God to give me peace about this pregnancy and I believe He is!!! So now it time for a nap and some cuddle time with my Maggie!! I hope everyone has a very happy labor day!!!

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