Thursday, August 6, 2009


Here are some pics from our visit to the museum to see Monet's work....and then some from earlier today...and at soccer!! Enjoy!

And here I am with Monet

This is me earlier today when I thought my head was going to explode..the nurse said I could take tylenol and that was it....BOOOO!! Maggie is chilling with her momma. I love my Maggie may!

Somehow I got up and headed out to soccer practice!!

Here is me with my neecy poo!! The reason I am coaching!!

Kick it girl!!!

My other neecy poo being as cute as always...she wants to play so badly, but isn't old enough yet.

Precious Angel!!!


Michelle said...

Aww your niece is so cute! Your doggie is too!

momof5girls said...

Hey Dana,
Just remindin you that you're still being prayed for everyday!
God bless you,

shauna said...

Your nieces are soooo cute!!! And how can you not love watching little ones play sports? they are adorable. I hope your body gets used to the meds again so you don't feel so bad. Yay for the days when we're done with all the synthetic hormones for good!