Friday, August 28, 2009


This morning I was minding my own business and had just finished a bowl of cereal then BAM it hit me! This heartburn is the WORST heartburn I have ever had. I mean it is like lava flowing from my chest all the way to my head and I swear it is spewing out of my head right now. All of this after cereal...come on!!! Then it got so bad that I started googling ways to stop it in its tracks. I found that chewing gum could help..big no no. I opened up a piece of gum and popped it in...only to run to the bathroom gagging. Then I threw up all of my breakfast and to add to it my glasses fell off my head and into the toilet with my bkfast. I was like....NOOOOOO!!! I was trying not to look at it (throwup) b/c I knew I would start heaving again. I blindly got my glasses and washed them head and neck were on fire. I grabbed a rag and ran cold water over it and put it on my head and neck and had some relief. I really thought I was dying it was so painful!! And yes I am a baby when it comes to not feeling well.

I am hoping these are pg symptoms!!!! And I know that I said I wanted all of the pg symptoms I could get, but can I trade in heartburn for anything else??? Heartburn is a killer. I would even rather throw up all day....seriously!! And if I am blessed enough to be pg....if my heartburn is this bad now...what the heck will I have when I have a big baby in there?? I might have to live in the freezer!

I did look up all the things I can do to help heartburn. And I must say eating cereal was not on the list of causing heartburn. Therefore, I am hoping..hoping..hoping..that it is due to being PG!!!! My head is starting to cool down and I am exhausted from it all. I want to lay down, but I know that will make it worse so I am going to try to sit on this couch and rest with my head elevated wayyyyyy up.

Just wanted to update y'all on Shauna. I was able to text her yesterday and she is still in the hospital for her high blood pressure. Please keep her in your prayers...I know she just wants to get well so she can be with her new baby Jakob. Pray for her family too...I know they are doing everything they can to help her out and take care of Jakob and I am sure they are worried too. I just pray for God to give them all peace and help the doctors have tons of wisdom to help Shauna. As you can imagine...after dealing with don't want to have anything keep you from your precious baby. Thanks ladies!!!


Angela said...

Just stumbled across your blog....I had horrible heartburn my entire pregnancy. Don't know if that should be good news or not.... :)

Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

Hoping the heartburn is a good thing! Love ya!

Michelle said...

I get heartburn all the time and I hate it! I hope you are feeling better soon...or not if it means you are pregnant. :)

I Believe in Miracles said...

Thanks so much for posting this about Shauna. I had no idea! I haven't been reading blogs much so just went to catch up. That was super scary!

As for the heartburn --- praying that it IS a symptom for you. Praying that you are pregnant. :o)

If heartburn gets bad -- take tums. I went through a whole Costco bottle pregnant, but seriously it's great. I ended up on Zantac because it was so bad in the long run. Hoping it's a good symptom of things to come.