Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Little trip off the couch!!

I finally got out of the house and I feel sooo much better. Todd got off work yesterday around 3:30 and we caught up with each other and I gave him some kisses :D I had missed him so much!! We decided to go out for dinner. We had both been so good lately by eating at home and conserving the funds! When we finally agreed on a place to go..which was buff.alos. I told Todd to invite his mom b/c she LOVES buff.alos. Luckily she had not eaten yet so we were off to eat. I drove b/c I felt like Todd may drive and be too bumpy. I thought if I was driving then it wouldn't seem as bumpy. I had the best chicken tenders covered in medium buffalo sauce and yummy curly fries. I was loving it. I have been so good with my diet lately and I have avoided unnecessary carbs that would mess with my sugar levels. SO I gave myself a treat...french fries!!! Todd's mom invited us over to the house and we thought well we are half way there already and we would get to visit with Todd's dad too. We went to their house and got to see some cousins too. Our little cousins Taylor and Chloe were showing us how they can do their flips and cartwheels. Taylor is so going to be in the Olympics one day she is soo good at gymnastics.

Then we settled in the house and chilled. We watched dating in the dark and loved it. I have seen the previews for it, but never actually watched a show. I can't believe how many ppl let looks influence their decision. I mean they only had to meet on the balcony not get married. They could have tried one more date. There was one girl who was crying b/c she had rejected this guy, but her crying looked so fake. I think she was more upset with how she looked than how she had upset that guy.

We got home and hit the sack! Poor Todd coughed all night and I know he didn't sleep well. I almost asked him to go into the guest room so I could get some sleep, but I would rather him be in there with me. I can't sleep well when he isn't in the bed with me...so I chose to deal with the coughing. I hope I don't get sick too. My ear is hurting a bit this morning and I have some drainage. All I can think of is that I don't want to start coughing...even though I know I can't cough the baby out..still I don't want to test that theory..hehe.

Today I plan to continue couching it and being lazy. Even though going to Hard.ees sounds oh soo good right now. Who knows maybe I can talk Todd into going for bkfast. I love their biscuits and gravy. I may even make Todd a doctor's appt. b/c I know he won't and when he get sick...with a cough...he stays sick for months. It drives both of us crazy!!

Symptoms so far that drive me crazy: The only symptoms I have right now is sore girls! That is it!!!! I wish I had more, but no such luck. And they only seem to get sore at night. And we all know that can be from all the meds I am taking. I am eagerly waiting on the bad taste in my mouth to present itself b/c that is the main symptom I had with my first pregnancy.

HAPPY TUESDAY TO ALL!! Next Monday will never get here...ugggggggg!!!


jvwaiting said...

I am glad to hear that you are venturing out a little, and feeling well. I have been following your journey and am excited to hear the outcome.
I was watching dating in the dark last night too - and I was SOOO disappointed by the people. Just such a shallow group unfortunately.
I'll be praying that you get your BFP!

Michelle said...

I watch that show too and think the same thing!

I miss Hardee's. We used to have it by my house but a long time ago they went away. :( I loved them.

I hope time goes by fast and you DON"T get sick!

momof5girls said...

Hey Dana,
Just to remind you we're praying for you down her in sunny FL. Also to let you know that Shauna had to be readmitted last night, actually around 2am because her blood pressure had sky-rocketed. They put her in ICU because they already had a young lady in there for the same thing and it was easier for them to keep an eye on them there. Hopefully she will only have to be there 24 hours and then on the postpartum ward so Jakob can be with her, but only if that's best. God knows, so I'm praying for that. They said all her tests came back fine, but they think this is just a continuation of symptoms due to shear exhaustion after the surgery. Please pray for her. Sorry to dump this on you on your blog but I don't have your email. Mine is momof5girls@cox.net if you want to get her a message. Love ya and praying for you, Arlene