Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just call me the papparazzi!

Pics!! YAY!!

Yesterday was fun! I got to take Carley to "jistnastics"..hehe! I was sad b/c Anna Claire was sick so she had to miss out on the fun! And she was so upset!! Plus her best friend Lizzie was there and didn't want to do anything without her Anna. These kids were so sweet. And I was so bad b/c one mom told me that Carley was so cute and I said thank you and just basked in the daydream that she was my child. Of course, the other moms that knew my sis knew the truth, but I didn't want to just blurt out oh no she is my niece. There was no point :D Here is Carley doing her thing on the bars. She is showing us how she stops on the trampoline..too cute!!

Gotta stretch it out...and that little boy beside her was soo good. He amazed us all!

Carley had to take a pic of me in the car before we went in b/c I had to take a pic of her in my car :D

Here she is in my car...YAY!!! Thank you Joni for that seat!!

The other day we went to my parent's house and this is Anna Claire striking a pose with Uncle Todd. Such a model!

And todd's sis sent me this pic of us with Jacob (our nephew) at football practice. I forgot my camera and was sooo mad at myself. Thankfully, she had her camera and took a pic of us! Isn't he the cutest football player ever!!!!


Nichole said...

Ahhhh those pics are great!

SO cute!

Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

Cute pictures!

The Unproductive One said...

Well cute pics and I can so easily see you being a Mum, you're a natural!?!