Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Why is it that when we want time to slow down it speeds up and vice versa?? This week is going by sooo fast and I am a bit scared of Friday getting here. I guess b/c I have had so much on my plate this week...and all of it has been fun so that helps too. So far, I picked up my niece and took her to soccer practice then went over to my sissy's house afterwards and chilled. It was so much fun! The girls are growing up soooooo fast and I hate it! While I was there my sis showed me the website where steph. mey.er has put up her draft of twil.ight from edward's perspective. Let's just say I stayed up til 2 am and finished it. I love that series...her writing takes me right into the book.

Staying up so late lastnight did put a damper on today b/c I didn't feel like getting much done. Remember my plan to get this house squeaky clean and cook a zillion meals...yeah..hasn't happened. And it may not. I am just going to enjoy this week b/c I know next week I will be on pins and needles!! It is weird b/c I want to be pg so badly, but after all that has happened I am scared. I just hope that the wait goes by fast!!

This evening I kept my friend's kiddos while she and her hubs went to curriculum night at the school. I love those kids so much. We ate bbq pizza and it was YUMMY!! Then I tried to play with both of them at the same time and found that hard. I was trying to watch tv with Maddie and play cowboys with Will. As soon as I would start shooting..with the play cowboy, Maddie would ask me to watch what just happened on tv. It was so funny. I am surprised I didn't get whiplash. And I swear that Will grows atleast an inch a day. He is getting so tall...just like his momma. And tonight Will asked me when I was going to have a baby again. He and Maddie know all about our pregnancy and the struggles...well on their level. I told him I hope soon and asked him to pray for me. He said he would and I said I can't wait to be a mom so that I can have kids like him and Maddie. Then he said well, they won't look like me. Too cute...and I said no, but they will be as sweet as you. He was all smiles and my heart was just melting! I don't know what I will do if they ever move!!!! I left their house in the best mood. I have just loved this week so far. I love spending time with my sweeties!!

And tomorrow I get to take Carley and Anna Claire to what they call jistnastics (gymnastics). I took gymnastics in the same place they are taking classes and I can't wait to see it since I am older. I am sure it will look much smaller. Terri, my sis told me that I may have to leave b/c the girls may get distracted with me watching, but I plan to beg them to ignore me so I can stay and watch! And hopefully take some pics. I am a picture lovin fool!

Okay now that I have warmed up I need to write out my fears and concerns. I can't keep it bottled up or I will implode! My biggest worry is of course that this won't work. I need to start preparing myself for that!! I know that I will be a mom someday somehow so I have to remember that anytime I get scared. I have decided that if this FET doesn't work then Todd and I are going to another RE. I am not sure if we will do IVF again..I just know for sure that I want another doctor's opinion on my case. It wouldn't hurt anyway! Hopefully, I won't have to deal with that. I know that God is so good and so loving! I feel so much warmth from our precious Lord and Savior! He is amazing!! I love Him so much and I know now that no matter what that will not change!!


Michelle said...

I hope this week and the next few weeks go by fast! I am keeping you in my prayers and I say it never hurts to get a second opinion. ((HUGS))

Nichole said...

Dana - first of all you HAVE to send me the website that Ste.ph Me.yer has Twi.light from Edw.ard's perspective!

second of all - I admire your failth SO much! You are such an inspiration to me. I am praying that this works for you and you will no longer have to go through this stress. In church this week, our pastor talked was reading passages about the rough times and how when we are weak is when He can be strong and it gave encouraged me that all of this pain and anguish we are going through is breaking down our pride and our sense of "I can do this on our own" so we will reach out and believe and have faith. Everytime I read your blog, I am reminded of that faith! You are amazing!

Thank you and I am praying for you dear friend!

Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

I know that everything will work out and be just fine. Stay strong and remember that if you feel weak- look to the one who makes you strong! Love you, Love you, Love you!!!