Wednesday, August 5, 2009

baseline ultrasound, girl time, soccer lovin, bible readin, wonderin woman..hehe

I went for my baseline ultrasound and all looks good. It was hard going back to the office b/c it brought back all the sad memories of losing littlebit! I had to keep telling myself that I wouldn't cry. And I only teared up for a bit, so I was proud of myself. I started my meds that day...and will see my dr. again on the 14th for mid cycle monitoring. The doc. said we have a 75 - 85% chance of the embryo making it through the I am hoping it makes it :D After the dr. visit I got to meet up with one of my awesome best friends Lori. We met up at her gorgeous condo..and I got to see her rockin new car too. It made me want a bad!! Then we went to eat and have some girl chat. Lori is the most genuine person I know...she has a heart the size of the moon!! I love her sooo much!! So I was happy to get to spend time with her. I am hoping to get together with her again soon!

Other than that I am LOVING Help coach soccer and plan to go and buy a soccer ball today so I can play at home. It is so much fun. I always wanted to play when I was highschool, but was too self conscious to do it. I just knew I would fall flat on my face...literally. But I guess I am not as clumsy as I thought. We have practice again on thursday evening and I am psyched.

I am also planning on reading Romans. Todd and I have this book that tells you the background info on books in the who wrote each book..where they were coming from in their time period and neat facts. So we read the one about Romans and Paul writing it...and now we have to read the actual book :D Our preacher has challenged us to plan to read our Bibles daily...and we aren't so great at that. I guess you could say if the Bible is our food..then we are severely malnourished! So that is a goal of more of the Lord's word!!!

I was wondering if anyone could tell me why I don't have the options when I post a blog to change the color of my text. I remember having that option before and now it has disappeared from the options and I only get to bold...italisize..insert links...spell check..insert pics..and insert videos..but NO color changes??? How can I get that back??? Just wondering. Love to all my sisters!!


Michelle said...

when writing your post which tab are you writing on "Compose" or "edit HTML"? "Compose" has the options of changing the color. I hope that helps.

Glad to hear things are going well. It is nice to have friends like that.

Nichole said...

Dana - I am SO glad everything went well at your appointment! That is wonderful news. I will keep you in my prayers. Yay for some good girlie time! I have a super duper friend here too that I just adore, we don't get to hang out NEAR enough!

I REALLY need to spend more time reading His word too - if you are malnourished, I think I need a feeding tube! LOL

Sorry I can't help on the text color thing...I'm not sure what could be going on there!

Love ya to pieces.

wannabemommy said...

oh i have no idea about the color changed, some days mine is there and others its gone... its like houdini (sp?)

jvwaiting said...

I don't know if I've ever commented before - I know I have planned on doing it so many times, but maybe I only did it in my head! I am so glad that things went well for you today. I will be praying that the thaw goes well for your little embryos! My husband and I read through Romans together a couple of years ago - such a good book and SO challenging.