Friday, July 3, 2009

The Living Breathing Word Of GOD!!!

AF showed!! Whoopie. I knew I needed to call my nurse, but I dreaded it all day and then finally did it. I told her the truth about my diet and how I had not been so great at it and asked her if I could wait another month to get myself in check before we transfer the last embie! She said I had to wait anyway. Which she is totally confusing b/c when I first lost the baby she was all let me ask the doctor if you can wait a month before starting the next FET. They always keep me confused!!! That is why if the third one isn't a charm I am switching docs. I found out halfway through all of my IVF stuff that there was another doctor that is on some golden list my insurance company has and it covers IVF. Yeah....that info would have been very useful a while ago, but what is done is done. So if Todd agrees with me I wanna go to this new doctor and just get a second opinion. Plus if we do decide to do IVF again....our insurance will cover it.

Before AF showed I was feeling pretty sick and down..I even threw up once. I am guessing that was my hormones changing. I tried not to get my hopes up for anything more. So after I got off the phone with my nurse I cried. But I did what Mrs. Arlene said to do...I grabbed the living word of GOD and I started flipping!!! I read and read and flipped and flipped and the Lord reminded me that He is Lord and if he can free everyone from slavery oh so long ago..why can't he help little ole me :D I even found a few verses of songs I sing regularly and I just started singing them in my mind. Then I grabbed the Bible close and napped for a minute. I didn't push God away even though that was in my nature to push everyone away...I just prayed for Him to help me. I cried out to Him!! So thank you to everyone who has reminded me to stay close to the Lord!!!

I am keeping myself busy this wkend. It helps with the pain. I am hoping to get my book soon..the pcos for dummies one. I am so excited about it, b/c I just ate bkfast PCOS style and I am still starving!!!!! Love to all!! And as my parents always say "Have a Great God's Day!!"


Ashley said...

That definately would have been helpful knowing about that dr..I guess everything happens for a reason. I hope you have a great day. ((HUGS))

momof5girls said...

Dear Dana,
I'm so happy to hear about your victories. I'm glad to hear that you are considering changing Drs. I had gone quite a few times with Shauna to her first Dr. She did a lot of half way procedures that could have caused permanent damage. Thank God we were told by a close friend who is a nurse about Dr. Barry Ripps in P'cola. Boy, what a drastic change!!! He and all his staff have such understanding as to what you ladies suffer and compassion. I just pray that the Lord will direct you to that kind of person. I wish you could see him too. I'm glad also that you found what sounds like a pcos cookbook. I'll have to research that diet.
I hope you have a wonderful 4th. Praise God for our country and keep her in your prayers.
Love ya, Mrs. Arlene

Michelle said...

I have never heard of that book. i will have to get that one. I think it is good that you are waiting another month. My doc always makes me wait at least 3 before I start again. It helps because sometimes it takes me that long or longer to get back on track. WoW your insurance has a golden list! I would definitely be switching. That would have been good info to know. I should check with mine and see if they have that list. I am wishing you much peace an all of God's blessings!