Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Busy Day!!

Today was super busy. I can't complain b/c I wanted it to be so that I wouldn't be bummed without Toby. I went to my obgyn and got my oil changed..hehe. They took 6 viles of blood!!! I was kinda out of it afterwards. I told some friends that I was shocked that they didn't take a hair sample too. Also, I was excited to know that I may have ovulated this month from my right ovary. This is exciting b/c I never seem to ovulate from that ovary. But of course the doc was like you just ovulated and I am like great...I am suppose to start at the end of this week!! So I am still so off hormonally. After meeting with my obgyn I am confident that I want him to be the one that delivers our future babies. I had not been to him a long time and had forgotten how sweet he was and how much he loves the Lord. I enjoyed catching up with him and sharing how God has worked in my life. Every chance I get I want to tell EVERYONE about how God holds me up and strengthens me daily. I could never get tired to telling the story of how I know that God is working in my life and working His plan and I am okay with whatever His plan is. WOW...I have really come a long way recently. Praise God!!

Just to show you how He works in my life, today on the way to the obgyn I was nervous. My friend Delia texted me...the one that has the niece in the Philippines that is pg and we were trying to adopt from her. So I called her back to see how her family was doing. She told me they were doing good, but worried about how they are going to support this baby. It just breaks my heart to hear that, so I have an idea. I am going to talk to Todd and see if we can send them money each month. I don't even care if they know it is from us I just want them to be able to have food on the table and not stress. Just to give you an idea of money ultrasound there is like $14 and they could not afford to go and get one. So we could really help them out. As soon as I hung up with Delia I turned the radio up and the song I am waiting on you Lord was playing by John Waller was playing. This song is so moving and I told God I was listening and I am waiting on Him.

The rest of my day included a trip to wally world and then I headed home to throw down in the kitchen. I decided to cook meatloaf, dressing, green beans, and creamed corn. It was REALLY good. I have to say I love my meatloaf recipe. If anyone wants it I will is so yummy. And I do my cornbread dressing like my mom and use ingredients that I don't think most ppl use. It is very simple and oh so good. Right now I am super full :D It took me forever to cook it all and then clean it all up, but it was worth it. I even made Todd a plate for work tomorrow and a plate for tonight. And we still have leftovers. That is why it is so hard to cook just for two..there is always so much!!

As for tomorrow...if it doesn't rain...I am going to hang with Todd's sis and mom at the pool. Then I may head down to my parent's house later in the day to see my sister and neecy poos and my parents of course :D I am so glad that I have plans to make the day go by fast. I will try to remember to take my camera tomorrow. I have been wanting to document everything I do, but I keep forgetting to bring my camera...or like tonight forget to take pics in general :D


Nichole said...

Hey Dana, In answer to your comment, Pace just told me the other day that he isn't sure he wants to continue TTC (via treatment or adoption) until he is more financially secure in his career. He said that since we don't have kids he would just rather buy "toys" (quads, toy haulers) and wait for the kids later. Broke my heart. All this time, and NOW he wants to change how we are playing the game? We haven't really discussed it in detail, he kind of said it in passing and I just don't have the energy to bring it up right now. We will wait to get the pathology report and then go from there I guess. Thank you for being so kind and understanding!
I love you girl!

momof5girls said...

Hey Dana,
Your present for Jakob came in the mail today just as we were leaving Shauna's house. It is so adorable!!! You are so thoughtful! We're still praying for you daily. God bless, Arlene