Tuesday, June 2, 2009


As you can see my house has been in shambles lately. We are having our house painted and it is crazy. These are pics of our living room and sunroom. They are joined into one big room and we have pushed all of furniture in the middle of the rooms. Then we covered them. I have been held up in my bedroom while the painter finishes up all that is left. Which yesterday drove me nuts!! So I just thought I would share :D

On the broken heart front..I am doing better today. Toby is off all day :D YAY!! And lastnight we went and saw term.inator sal.vation. It was awesome. I loved it!! Today my nurse is planning to call me and let me know what they want me to do next, but I already know what I want to do. I plan on taking this next month off and enjoying the break. Plus we go on vacation in the middle of June and I don't want to worry about meds while on vaca. I asked her (my nurse) what my progesterone levels were on last Friday when they were cking to see if my HCG was falling and she said it was 12. Is that normal?? Remember I was taking endometrin, estrace, and vivelle dot patches. Shouldn't it have been higher?? I plan on asking my doctor the same question. If y'all have any ideas of what else to ask my doctor please feel free to share. You know I will keep y'all updated. Love to all my sisters!!!

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Ashley said...

Glad you are feeling better!! ((HUGS))