Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sweet Mornings!!

I got the most beautiful arrangement of flowers the other day..then the next day I got another one!!! I just had to take pictures of them and show you how gorgeous they are...and they smell just as beautiful!!
Here is a close up of my sweet flowers!

I put them on my dresser in my bedroom so I could see them every morning when I wake up and my room smells so sweet :D

Thank you to Shauna and Becca. Y'all are so precious to me. I can't say enough how blessed I have been by all my sisters!! Love y'all!!!!


Amber said...

what beautiful flowers!

Michelle said...

How sweet! They are beautiful!

Amy said...

Just checking in...I hope you are doing OK today. Hugs!

I Believe in Miracles said...

Beautiful flowers! Thinking about and praying for you.

twondra said...

Here from Tiff's bean fund blog. I'm soooo sorry about your loss. You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers. (((HUGS)))


Becca said...

Hey Dana! You've been so quiet this week - I just wanted to check on you and see if you are doing okay. Update us when you can, okay? Praying for you!

momof5girls said...

Sure miss hearing from you. I'm praying all is well. Hope you all have a good week!