Saturday, May 16, 2009


My friend, Sarah, tagged me for this award!!! Which is a super cute award :D Thanks so much girl!!!

Okay, so here are the rules:
1. When given the award, you write about seven things that you love.
2. Pass the award to seven bloggers that you love, and be sure to tag them and let them know they've won. (You can copy the award and post it on your sideboard.)
I am going to stick with what Sarah said "There are some things that many people know that I am thankful for...God, family, friends, etc.. Then there are other things most people know but maybe some of you don't, so here it goes!"

1. STRAWS~ yes straws! I cannot drink something (especially with ice) without a straw. I am addicted. I even keep one in my purse...just in case of emergency..hehe

2. To eat bkfast!!~ I wake up ready to eat. As you have read in previous posts I try to talk Todd into going out for some Hardees in the morning.

3. Photography~ I love taking pics too Sarah :D My family always relies on me to have a camera and take pics. I have to capture every moment b/c I love looking back on those pics and remembering. I also love taking nature profile pic is one of them, but it is more of a hobby.

4. P.J's~ I will be in the house and within a few minutes I will be in my pjs..contacts out..glasses off..and make up off. That is how I like to roll :D

5. Getting a facial~ I have only had one in my life, but I absolutely LOVED it and hope I can do that again soon!!!

6. My laptop~ Now I am totally addicted to getting online b/c it is so easy to just pull out the laptop and go. I may need an intervention soon :D

7. The number 7~ Ever since I was teeny tiny I have loved this number, I am sure it has something to do with my b-day being on the 7th..but it is my lucky number. Plus it is holy!!!

If you are reading this..TAG you are it!! I would tag ppl specifically but that could take a long time since I am suppose to tag ppl I it would be all of my sisters!!!

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