Saturday, May 23, 2009

Picture Post :D

I finally found my gizmo that I can put in my camera card thingie. As you can see it is all very technical :D hehe Here are some pics from the other day at my best friend's kiddos school! We had a blast. We volunteered to serve pizza to the whole school, just Pre K4 through 7th. The kids were so precious. Here are a few shots!

this pic has my sweet neighbor(cutie on left) in it..he is so sweet and apparently obsessed with pregnant women and he has been so cute with me lately :D

here I am with my other sweet neighbor..isn't she so beautiful!!! She is so grown up and super smart too!

some awesome bestie is on the right and the other lady is a new friend that is super sweet.

Then we had to be mystery readers for two classes. We dressed up like the characters in the book (pinkalicious). Joni (bestie) was Pinkerbell and I was her mom and then later I was Dr. Wink. It was super fun. We brought pink cupcakes with pink lemonade and of course pink napkins!

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shauna said...

How cute! Looks like you had alot of fun. Being around kids will always cheer up your day! Glad to hear you're doing o.k. Oh yeah, stop taking those pg tests!!! You're pregnant, and it'll all be alright. Don't make yourself worry over nothing. Can't wait till the 29th (it's almost here!!!!)
Luv ya.