Friday, May 15, 2009

My sweet dancers :D

I just had to share these pics of my neecy poos from their dance recital lastnight. They were so good..I am a very proud aunt!!
My oldest neecy poo...

My youngest neecy poo... was so hard to get them to pose together...they were so excited to just get on stage :D

I had so much fun at their recital. I was beaming with pride. And I finally got to tell my parents the great news. They were so overjoyed! And my sister has been constantly telling me to take it easy. She even told me that I didn't have to come to the recital b/c she didn't want me doing anything. She is so great. But I couldn't miss it. Even if I had the world's worst headache ALL day long yesterday. My sis said to drink lots of water and it might I downed it right away!!

This morning I woke up and was very anxious to get this house clean and get some groceries. Thankfully, Toby was he let me order him around. Of course, I helped I just let him do all the heavy lifting of the laundry and such. He was so cute...I was bending over picking up towels and he said stop that..I will do that. Then my cleaning streak was cancelled b/c my HORRIBLE heartburn came back..with a vengeance. It radiated all the way up to my forehead..and gave me a headache..again. This heartburn is so unreal. I have never had it this bad before. So I am planning on getting some of Shauna's sweet mommas remedy this wkend. I wrote it down...thankfully b/c I cannot remember anything right now. So I made myself sleep sitting up and when I woke up it has subsided. I am so tired right now..I could so go to bed and I napped today for like 3 hrs.

Shauna and Nity were right I am still worried..and still don't believe this is all actually real. I am ready for Monday so I can get some more results and more confirmation that all is okay. I wanted to thank everyone for the prayers and sweet comments. I have had SO many ppl praying for us and I feel super blessed to have that. The Lord hugged me with all of your comments and always kept me going..when I couldn't even get up. I am not sure what to blog about and what not to blog about. I want to document everything, but I don't want to be all in your face..hey I am pg. You know?? I want to share everything with y'all but I don't want to if it is annoying and let me know if I am. Love to all my sisters!!!!


Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

Hey sister, I tagged ya! And ps, I would love to hear ALL about your new pregnancy! I am so pumped for you! Tell us all about it! I'm tough, I can handle it :-)

Michelle said...

OMG they are just too cute!!!

momof5girls said...

ARE YOU KIDDING??? ANNOYING??? Never!!! I could not stop squealing all day long. People all over Dollywood were looking at this strange lady from FL wondering what the constant smile was about. Hmmm, what does she know that we don't? I feel like it's one of my girls pg all over again!!! Dana and Todd, I'm so happy for both you and your family! I just have to praise the Lord for answering your desire and all our prayers. Be sure to continue to share the joy and prayer requests with us all. God bless you all!