Monday, May 18, 2009

I could never PRAISE GOD enough!!!! (with updated chart)

Updated with the chart from Birdee..thanks girl..this was fun!!!
I just couldn't figure out the dpo..b/c it was a FET and all that math confuses me..any suggestions. The embryos were 6 days old when they transferred them and the beta was 10 days after that???

Praise the LORD!! PRAISE THE LORD!! The nurse just took FOREVER and I was going crazy. My 2nd beta numbers are...drumroll please...242!!! We were expecting 166 so I am OVERJOYED!!!!! I am just so in awe of this blessing. I don't even know what else to say!! And you know that is odd, b/c I always have something to say!! My first ultrasound is May 29th! That will be the next see if there is one or two??? I know the numbers don't really tell you if there is one or two..but what do y'all think?? Also, I am so psyched to see the heartbeat of our littlebit(s)!

Okay and I know this maybe too early but I just wrote into my maternity record book I bought oh so long ago. It was glorious filling in some of the blanks, but there is still that part of me that worries I may jinx it all. I wish that part would go away!!! I am going to be a mommy! I am going to be a mommy! Okay I am going to sit up here on this cloud for a while and praise GOD!! Love y'all!!


Hope said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you.

momof5girls said...

No, you're not going to be a mommy...YOU ARE A MOMMY!!! Congratulations!!! For the next nine months your baby/babies will be constantly caressed and cuddled. They'll fall in love with your and Todd's voices. In a way, they'll be more familiar with you than you will be with them. We're still praying for you!!!

Becca said...

That's a very strong number, Dana! Maybe there are TWO little ones in there?! :) My 1st ultrasound was just scheduled for May 28 and I can't wait! I know what you mean about that tiny seed of worry ('cause I have it, too) but I pray we can turn those fears over to the Lord and treasure every moment right now. Hugs!

shauna said...

YAY!!! I am so glad you got good news! Now "we've" (you know we all feel this is our pregnancy too right?) just got to wait a few more days to see the little one(s). Congratulations girl!
Love ya,

The Unproductive One said...

Congrats hon, glad to hear that everything is plodding along as it should.


Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

Congrats! Can't wait for the ultrasound!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dana.... I am so happy with you.
I have been a reader of your blog for a little while now, since a friend in Australia who is TTC mentioned your blog.
I cried with you when things were not so good and now I smile with you.
God bless

Birdee said...

Go to and plug in your info to get a chart reading of your beta's. That's always fun to see just how AWESOME your numbers are doing.
They look absolutely wonderful!!

Birdee said...

Here's a more direct link to the table you want to use
I plugged in your numbers and they look soooo good!!!
You'll have to copy and paste the chart on your blog =D

Amber said...

Congrats on everything so excited for you two:)

Michelle said...

YAY that is great. I am so excited for you!

Birdee said...

I don’t know about DPO's with IVF and FET's. But either way, it looks SOOO good and I'm just so dang happy for you. (((cyber hug)))
Word of caution - levels tape off after they get SO High, I didn’t know that so when I was still playing with my level chart, they weren’t rising like I thought they should, and I panicked. DONT PANICK if you do the same. Your levels are doing great!! =D