Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hurling and belly bulge

I am on schedule!! Lastnight we were all up watching the UFC fight and right at midnight I felt sick. I told everyone goodnight and went upstairs where I threw up a little..then dry heaved some more. I was so excited :D I told Todd b/c I needed to send Maggie back downstairs so I could hurl. He told my SIL (not the one that just finished IVF) and she was saying YAY!! It is so funny that we are all excited about me hurling. I even thanked God afterwards b/c I know it is a good sign. I finally fell asleep with a trash can close by the bed. Then this morning after I got out of the shower I dry heaved again. Is that what you call it??? When you are gagging but nothing comes up. My brain hasn't been working lately. The reason I say I am on schedule is b/c today is 6 weeks!! So lastnight at midnight I was 6 weeks pg!!

I feel great during the day and then right on schedule around dinner time I start to feel nauseous. Tonight when we got home I did the whole gagging..with nothing coming up again. And right now as I type I feel like I could throw up. Sorry for this post to be all about hurling. I know that is gross.

After church today we took some belly pics and my belly looks HUGE. It is kinda embarrassing b/c I know the baby is the size of an orange seed and I am all chunky monkey. I guess I have been eating too much..who knows. I don't really care, but I just couldn't believe my belly in the pics. I am very bloated and my belly is kinda hard. Is that my uterus growing?? Don't get me wrong I am psyched about getting bigger...I just want it to be the baby and not just fat. So is this normal?? Or should I lay off the sprites? If you want I will post some pics, but only if ya want. Todd told me I shouldn't post I am undecided. They are only 6week pics.

Four more days til the ULTRASOUND!! My FIL thinks there are three in he got that number I do not know. And it scares me b/c he keeps saying you are having TRIPS..yep TRIPS. Todd and I think there is one baby, but we would be stoked if there was two. Okay I can barely keep my eyes open and it is 9 p.m. gotta hit the sack..I can't hang anymore! Love y'all!!


wannabemommy said...

i think you should post the pics!!! yeah i always tell my hubby that when we get pregnant i want every symptom there is! lol

The Unproductive One said...

Post Pics!! Post Pics!! Post Pics!!

We all want to be able to share this journey with you every step of the way, so we simply MUST get to look at your belly be it 6 weeks or 16 weeks!

Glad to hear everything is going swimmingly!


Living With Loss said...

It's great reading your blog because we're at a similar stage of pregnancy - I am 6+4 today.

I haven't actually thrown up but I do get the gagging! And I am really bloated and exhausted too...

Post the pics if you feel comfortable doing so...would be great to see them!

Ashley said...

Yay on throwing up!!! I know just what you mean about being excited. Yesterday I told my husband that I wish I was throwing up and would throw up all day long everyday so that I know the baby is okay!! Isn't that crazy!! Anyway...can't wait for your ultrasound and your belly pics!! Mine is VERY bloated too...don't worry!!

Ashley said...

Ps. I think your ticker has the wrong days left on it.