Sunday, May 17, 2009

The HAPS!!!

Today I am 5 weeks pg!! On most sites it still says that I can finally test this week and find out if I am pg or not. One place said that the baby is the size of a teeny tadpole or an orange seed. That is crazy tiny! And odd to me b/c my stomach has some bloat going on. I was told that it was uterus stretching out which is super exciting. I want to take a belly pic, but I have these stinkin patch marks all over my belly from the vivell.e dots. I could look at my stomach in the mirror for hours and I love that it is getting bigger. Such a change from those teenage years when I wanted it oh so flat. My girls are HUGE!!! They were small to begin with so I am hoping they stop growing some and don't keep growing for nine months. Littlebit's heart is starting to form this week and I am already proud of him/her for doing so well! The circulatory system is the first to be operational and the neural tube, which will eventually become littlebit's brain and spinal cord, is under construction as well. I can't believe that so much is going on inside me. It is such a miracle and blessing from God. Life is a gift. Other symptoms include: still tired, moody, headaches, aversion to cooking meat (YUCK), nausea mixed with some heartburn. Thankfully, I have been eating better so I hope the heartburn will stop visiting me. I read somewhere that caffeine can make you have heartburn b/c it relaxes some muscle in the esophagus. I did have a few swigs of sweet tea (my crack) the other day right before the BIG heartburn came. I so want more symptoms!! Bring them on!!!!!

The IF Mind HAPS:
Once an infertile, always an infertile. I still have an IF mind! It is a battle b/c for the most part I have a peace about this pregnancy, but then there are moments of fear. Things have kinda switched up b/c usually I am the one telling everyone to be careful and not get their hopes up. Well, I tell my family that when they are sure I am pg. Now, I feel like I am the one telling everyone to have hope. Well, just Todd and my IF nurse. They are both very cautious beings, but usually they are all oh yes this will work. Then once it does work..they are worried. This morning I announced that I was 5wks to Toby and he said go to the bathroom and make sure you haven't started. I was like...well rain on my parade then. So I did and no AF!! I know for all our sakes we will be more at ease after Monday and the 2nd Beta.

Has anyone heard from Becca?? She was suppose to find out if she was pg on Friday and I am just worried about her! Please keep her in your prayers!!! Becca, I am sending you tons of Love and Hugs!! Just wanted you to know I am thinking about you sweety!!! I am not trying to rush you to post..just wanted you to know I love you!!!


Becca said...

Awww, you are so sweet! Sorry that I worried you with my silence. I have been in shock since Friday. Update is now on the blog. Looks like we will be going through more than just our FETs together!! :)

Amber said...

Happy 5 weeks! I saw she just posted her news a few hours ago:)

Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

Yes, Becca's worked as well! I guess I am the only FET that didn't work! Oh well, God has a plan! I am glad you are getting symptoms! I keep telling everyone- I WANT THEM ALL!!!!!!!

Ashley said...

Love this post!!

shauna said...

It seemed like in the beginning my stomach grew pretty fast,then slowed down a little. As for your symptoms, I can't eat much meat either. Smelling raw or cooked meat makes me wanna puke. It takes a while for you to loose the "when's the other shoe gonna drop" feeling. We get so used to things not working that when they do we cannot imagine that the baby's actually there to stay. I'm sure tomorrow will be a big help. Love ya and make sure you update tomorrow!

Becca said...

Hey Dana, praying for your 2nd beta today - I can't wait to hear about it!

Birdee said...

I love hearing about all the symptoms!!
I love Symptoms! Even still I love my symptoms.
A ton of women on my support board are done being pregnant already, Not Me! I cant get enough and feel sad it's coming to an end (in 3 more months). I think IF has a lot to do with us savoring Morning sickness, heart burn, bloatedness, gas, breast tenderness, swelling (etc... you get my point, but I love them).
I cant wait for your fust U/S. first to see how many might be in there ;) and to hear all about you seeing and hearing the sweet little h/b on the monitor.
When is your first u/s?