Monday, May 11, 2009

going nutso!

I know..two posts in one day..I am in serious need of some support. I have been asking Mr. or should I say Dr. about my symptoms for about 2 hours now. I have been trying to figure out if my symptoms are just the result of all my meds. But I can't help but feel like I am pg. I know I shouldn't get my hopes up, but I haven't ever had all of these symptoms before and plus I have a full feeling down near my uterus. So I have been searching FET #1 and pg symptoms and of course I have gotten no answers. Am I losing it??? My nurse said I could POAS on Wednesday, should I?? It totally terrifies me, but I am driving myself nuts! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Did anyone have these symptoms and get a bfn..or a bfp??? I guess you could say that now I am expecting for someone to tell me my future..sorry you have to be subjected to this!!


Birdee said...

I can only relate to searching for that one special site that flashes and says "Yes- Your pregnant!", I dont know if your nuts or not, but if you are, so am I.

With my pregnancy last year (that ended in m/c) I had NO symptoms, and I was told that No Symptoms can be a symptom (ACK) as if symptoms weren’t bad enough as it was, but then to add no symptoms to the list as a symptom?

However one symptom I did have while I had NO symptoms what that feeling, it was a very protective feeling when I went in for my annual Pap, I freaked on the table, and as much as I knew how safe a pap was in pregnancy, all I could imagine was him scraping out something the size of a sesame seed, and I yelled out "If I'm pregnant, will this hurt my baby?" I felt silly that I couldn’t hold myself back, but that's when I felt like I knew I was pregnant.
I really hope that is a good sign for you.

I'm checking on your blog throughout the day, so if you need support, just call out and hopefully I can give some - even if it's just a hug.

shauna said...

Hey girlie,
Only 2 more days to go!!! I know the wait is horrible and exhausting. I can't really tell you about symptoms, I just felt like I was gonna start my period. I'm praying for you, and hope you can keep your sanity till you get your answer. :)
Luv ya,

Nichole said...

LOL - I think what you are experiencing/thinking etc. is very natural! I'm sorry I don't have any "symptoms" to share with you. When I was pg, I had NO symptoms at all other than being really tired.
I am a POASaholic, so I would definitely test on Wednesday (however, you may regret it later if the result isn't what you were hoping for) Very tough decision!
Hang in there! BIG HUGS!!!

The Unproductive One said...

Ok yes, I vote YES for you to POAS on Wednesday. Why?

Because if you don't, I think you might actually slowly drive yourself into the psych ward! LOL

And now for some advice that you will TOTALLY ignore and tell me I'm stoopid for even suggesting it....


LOL yes yes yes I know totally impractical advice and advice that you're not going to listen to or follow ha ha BUT seriously, just stop :-P

Thinking of you hon and sending you much love and lots of BFP vibes!


I Believe in Miracles said...

I'm praying for you. I wanted to call on my walk tonight, but I forgot my phone at home all day.

I googled everything, but really you just have to be patient. Still praying for you.



Living With Loss said...

Google is both a blessing and a curse!

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Michelle said...

If it were me I would POAS but I also I have NO will power to wait. The waiting would kill me. I am praying for you!

Amber said...

Im another one who has been analyzing it seems like everything. I hope this is it and you will get a BFP tomorrow if you decide to test:)

Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

I know the waiting is killing you! Just a few more days. If it would ease your mind, then you can POAS. I have mixed feelings. The first time I did, which helped prepare me for the negative. The second time I did a few days early, and when it was negative, I thought maybe I did too soon, yet it still helped prepare me for a negative I don't know what to tell you. I have no will power so that tells you about what I did..or wait I just told you what I did! Ha ha
Praying for you!

Becca said...

Only two more days for you!! Are you going crazy today? I've been trying to keep very busy with random projects to keep my mind off the wait. Sadly, I don't have any experience with pregnancy symptoms, but personally I do plan to test on Friday morning before my beta. I would just rather be prepared BEFORE that phone call from the clinic so I don't fall apart on the phone if it's bad news. But everyone's different, so do what you feel comfortable with and we will be here to support you either way!! Hugs!!

wannabemommy said...

POAS!!! it will help, either way, if you are GREAT but if your not, you will be able to better prepare yourself than collapsing when finding the news in front of others.. im thinking you are, i know its stupid but i have a feeling you are, i literally pray for you every night!! i hope you are, and i think you are!

wannabemommy said...

i know peer pressure is bad but POAS! im dying to know, i pray and pray and hope and pray that you are pregnant! you deserve it! i mean, i think i do to haha but youve been at it so much longer and need/want it!! but when you find out you ARE pregnant, you cant abandon us no preggo's you still have to post all the time and keep us all up to date!! im dying to find out! i was at walmart and was like ooo i should get one for dana, then i realized.. we dont "know" each other and me buying one wouldnt do either of us any good haha.. wow cyber world huh>?

Birdee said...

Just checking on you today.
Hoping your silence is you just enjoying and finding peace in your day.