Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Welcome Spring! and....I step down!

I am officially welcoming spring b/c here in GA we are having beautiful weather. It is crazy here, b/c last week I was posting pics of snow and now it is around 79 outside. I have been LOVING this weather. The wind is just right so you don't get too hot. We are all dreading the summer b/c if it is already this hot now..we are in for a hot and HUMID GA summer. Here are some pics of my flowers that made it through the snow.

The sad thing is that this wkend we are suppose to have lots of rain and cold weather. So go figure..if you don't like the weather in GA...stay around a couple of more days and it will change.

On the steppin front :D I took one step forward. I am praying there aren't two steps back after this..but this is in God's hands. I went to the RE and got my baseline ultrasound and everything was a go for my SIMs. I will start them on Thursday. Then I go back to the RE next week for further monitoring. I had totally prepared myself for the RE to have to stop our process. I told myself that if something does go wrong then I WILL be okay b/c God is right here with me. I am going to try to keep that attitude. My tummy is so sore from my shots. I counted around 12 Lu.pron shots so far. And it feels like I have been doing some ab wkouts. Plus the meds make you feel like a big old mean woman..hehe And I started getting hot flashes last night. I was chilling in the living room with Todd and the next thing I knew my head was on FIRE. Then a couple of minutes later I was cold...CRAZY times!!

My mom's birthday is today...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA!! I love you dearly!! The fam is all meeting up at my parent's house to celebrate.

This is my beautiful momma with my neecy poo :D


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! And those pictures are beautiful. It has even been warm here in Michigan until the last day or so. Over the weekend we were in the 70's.

Leslie Laine said...

Best to you as you start stims. Exciting times!

Leslie Laine said...

Best to you as you start stims. Exciting times!

littlesteps said...

I love the flowers! I can't wait until we have some of those up here. Congrats on the step forward!