Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day here in GA!

Here are some pics from our first SNOW!!! We were so psyched that we actually got snow..and there was enough to play in. Y'all know that here in the south we never get that gorgeous snow. So when we were leaving church we were amazed when the preacher opened the doors and the music director told us to look outside. I haven't seen snow in FOREVER!! Of course, it is already melting today, but we definitely enjoyed it while it lasted :D

Geared up for the snow!!

Little Frosty..hehe

Snowball fight


Me with one of my best friends :D

Our backyard...YAY we finally got some snow!!

Todd praying for the snow to stay...hehe

Taking Maggie out to check out her first snow!


Michelle said...

I have plenty of snow I can send you if you would like. :)

Miss Mac said...

I'm happy for you but we got nothing in the N'east corner:[ Everyone around us was out of school today & we were all bummed... but we usually get the snow so it's only fair that y'all have a turn! Glad you had a good time & thanks for sharing the pics!