Saturday, March 21, 2009

Slow and steady wins the race!

Apparently I am slow, well my left ovary is anyway. I went to the RE yesterday and I have about 12 follies on the right and 4 on the left. The ones on the right are still a bit small and the 4 on the left are a bit bigger. So they decided to keep me on the meds and come back on Monday. I was really hoping that Monday would be ER day, but I am telling myself that slow and steady wins the race. We had to reorder some meds and hopefully they will be here by noon today. Those meds are SUPER expensive. They are like gold to me.

The nurse called me and told me that my estrogen was in the 900s. Whatever the heck that means. I really don't ask for details b/c I know I will analyze the heck out of it. All I care about is that she said everything was good. So I am good.

I have to say that I am getting so tired of giving myself shots. I feel like I get worse at it the more I do it. Go figure. And this is so not a complaint, but my ovaries are letting me know that they are growing some eggs :D I am so excited to feel that b/c that is the closest thing so far that I have felt to some life starting in there :D Well..half of it anyway.

I am a little bit nervous about the ER. I have been put to sleep two times before and I just hate waking up and being confused. The last time I was put to sleep I remember the nurse waking me up by saying "don't sleep the day away". And I kinda panicked b/c I thought oh crap how long have I been out sleeping. Plus I wear contacts so when I wake up and my glasses aren't on my head I can't see anything. Which is annoying!! I also hate that Todd won't be in there with me. I am such a baby..hehe

So I am taking this wkend and totally chilling out!! Or maybe I should say vegging out!! I don't plan on doing anything too strenuous. I hope everyone else has a great wkend and gets to relax as well!!

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Miss Mac said...

Great to hear that things are moving along- even if it's a little slower than you would like. The ER will be here before you know it. Good for you to take it easy this weekend & get some rest- save your strength for the coming weeks. Very excited for you!