Wednesday, March 25, 2009

OUCH!! (edited later today...+ freaking out about OHSS)

I just had to write about my HCG shot. To begin with..let me tell you how my crazy nurse tagged my upper hiney to show Todd where to give the shot. The other day she pulled out a permanent marker and told me to pull my pants down (not all the way..just a little) I would be traumatized otherwise. Then she said she was marking where Todd needed to give me my trigger shot.

Let's just say there is a funny face with a freckle (marking the spot) and a sheila wuz here attached to it :D When I showed some friends I fell over laughing so hard and Todd thought it was hilarious. I have been blessed with her as my IVF nurse, b/c God knows how anal I can get..and she has brought some much needed letting go to me and my crazy self.

So last night I could tell Todd was a bit nervous. Which surprised me b/c he has given plenty of shots to ppl before. I guess me being his wife made it harder. Plus it is an important shot. After CAREFULLY mixing the meds and drawing them up in a syringe. I bent over and prepared for the worst. I am a wimp, so it hurt :D Then it was over with and Todd was running upstairs to get me a band aid. I love that man of mine. Oh let me get off topic a bit to brag. Yesterday, while I was sneezing my head off from allergies and feeling like my ovaries were about to literally come out of my tummy. Todd took great care of me. He rubbed my belly for me...which comforts me for some reason. Then he made sure to feed me. And that is really all I need in life :D He was a true stud!!

Okay so I thought the pain was over from the shot...OH NO!! This morning I woke up with the sorest hiney ever!! It has been so long since those days of getting shots for school...heck I don't even remember the last time I got a shot in my hiney! As for my mood today, I am ready for tomorrow, but plan to take today and enjoy it. I am going to do some light cleaning. B/c I am anal I don't want to do anything too strenuous..hehe *wink *wink Then I plan to take the LONGEST shower ever...and spend the rest of the day snuggling with Maggie!!

Thank y'all sooo much for all the prayers well wishes for tomorrow. It makes me feel like I am not going in there alone..I am taking you all with me :D Love y'all so much!!

***Edited later today***
I am freaking out about my Estrogen levels. Does being the in the 4200s mean I have OHSS?? Why haven't the dr's talked to me about this being a concern with my estrogen levels being so high. SO now I find myself googling E2 and OHSS. It is making me exhausted. All I know is that I have had pain from my ovaries growing so big and it is hard to tinkle. Then there is that stupid number!!! Okay, dana, breathe!! This is in God's hands NOT mine. I cannot do anything to change this. I have to let go!!!!


littlesteps said...

Congrats on the trigger. My E2 was around 3800 when I triggered, and as far as I know I didn't actually develop OHSS. Hang in there!

Leslie Laine said...

Yes, you do have to let go. The best thing you can do is pray and turn things over to God. I am convinced that it all works out just as it's supposed to, whether it's what we want or not. This whole process involves letting go on every level - even when it's supposedly over (because it's not really over, even when you get a BFP!).

Thinking of you and praying.

I don't know much about OHSS, but would recommend that you call your nurse instead of googling. Dr. Google can get you in a lot of trouble and evoke a lot of needless stress!

Leslie Laine said...

Yes, Dana, you do have to let go on every level with this process because it's completely out of your hands. You have to turn it over to God and let Him call the shots. I'm learning that even when it's over, it's never really over - even when you get a BFP!!

Thinking of you and praying for the best. Also, I would recommend calling your nurse instead of googling - Dr. Google has caused lots of problems for me in the past, and he can cause a lot of needless anxiety.

Michelle said...

I don't really know that much about what levels are suppose to be concerning. So sorry I am no help there. I hope that everything goes ok and you do not have ohss. I am praying for you and your dreams to come true!

shauna said...

That is really funny about your nurse giving you her signature on your bum :) Those shots are more painful the day after, I guess cause it goes into the muscle. As for your husband, It's funny how men can be so manly, and yet when it comes to something that has to do with us they are terrified. All throughout my progesterone shots my hubby kept apologizing and telling me how bad he felt. About OHSS, my levels were over 9,000 so I had a pretty severe case, and you're only half of that. I've been praying that you don't get it. The best thing you can do is just take it easy, don't try to rush and get back on your feet too fast and if you feel anything out of the ordinary don't hesitate to call your nurse. You'll be in my thoughts!!!
Love and hugs,

Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

My levels were in the high 3800's and I was fine. They will surely tell you more of what to watch out for after the retrieval! No worries. I think you will know if you get some symptoms! I was worried about mine but I never developed any. It's all in God's hands. Just relax and enjoy this journey!

I Believe in Miracles said...

Praying for you sweetie!!

When I was doing those first PIO shots (similar to the HCG) my hinny hurt a lot. But then I got used to them...

Keep us posted.