Monday, February 2, 2009

We have been busy...but here is how the RE appt. went!!

WOW!! That didn't go the way I thought it would. We went to the RE this morning and had several appts. One with the RE, one with the IVF nurse, and one to discuss the financial part. I was amazed at how fast my RE came in and went over everything. I kinda expected it, but was hoping that he would slow down for this. He totally freaked us out by telling us that the % of development/disabilities with IVF babies are higher than average pregnancies. However, in the little book they gave said that there was NO difference. SO Todd called him out on it..then he was like well there are some studies that say yes and some that say no..yada..yada..yada. Well, then don't put it in the paperwork that you want us to read and study. Also, he informed me that he would only transfer two embryos, not four. Which is b/c of my age. I mean, come on my age hasn't helped me so far. I was a bit disappointed with that. And he said he could make the case for only one..if it looks good. It just scares me that it won't take. After this brief meeting we got to talk finances.

We were surprised that the price quoted to us before was a lot lower than the one we were given today. Don't get me wrong..some of our insurance covers the dr. and blood work b/c they just file it as a dr.s visit. So now we are going to have to figure that out.

Thankfully, the IVF nurse was AWESOME!! She came in and had us laughing the whole time. She put me at ease and took her time with us. She answered all of my questions. I was so happy after we saw her, but I was so overwhelmed about everything.

We have been so busy the past couple of days with an out of town wedding, hanging with fam and friends, and then this super early appt. I am just exhausted. Right now all I can think is that God is in control. Here is my list of what I cannot stress over and I have to put in God's hands:
1. How many embryos will be transferred or the one embryo that will be transferred
2. How many embryos may have to be frozen
3. My body over reacting to the meds and the RE calling off this cycle
4. Me driving my husband nuts b/c of all of the meds
5. Getting all the way through this and it not working
6. Being stressed over trying not to be stressed!! Yeah..I know crazy

SO there they are...I put them out I have to give them up. I may need to do this daily. The plan now is that I will call the IVF nurse after AF shows and she will start me on BC pills. Thanks everyone for explaining that to makes sense now. I guess I have to start taking my own advice and take it one step at a time :D

Here are some pics from the rehearsal dinner and the wedding :D

Me and Toby..just call me curly!

Loved the dresses

Me with Toby at the Rehearsal Dinner..Yum..good southern food!!

Dreading walking down the aisle...FIRST..and ALONE!!


Michelle said...

I hope the wedding goes well. I am sure you will do just great walking down the aisle. You look beautiful!

Miss Mac said...

Hi. I'm curious to know which office you're using. I've had experience with both RBA & Emory. Both had pros/cons & we're still not certain which we will use for IVF. All of your thoughts/worries are very legitimate... thank goodness we serve a Big God! Great wedding pics! They are fun, but so exhausting. I'll be checking in through your process... and wishing you all the best & a BFP!

shauna said...

The one thing that really bothered me is the way the Doctor tells you everything that COULD go wrong with IVF, and with the baby. Like you said, you've just got to leave it with the Lord.(easier said than done, i know) I didn't want them to transfer more than 2 embryo's with us, because I knew I wasn't prepared to handle more than two babies at once. As it turned out I'm glad we put two in. I'm glad you liked you nurse, her support and encouragement will be crucial through this process. It's not easy, and you'll still stress, but you've just got to remember that things are not in your hands anyways, that's what I have to tell myself when I start to worry, and God is way more capable than any of us, right? You looked great at the wedding! Love the dress (and the curly hair). I'll be following you all the way, if you have any question, or need anything, you know where to find me.
-Praying for your BFP!!!-
Love, Shauna