Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stressed, but thankful!

You know my IVF nurse really doesn't want me to stress....but!!!

It is kinda hard when I am suppose to start taking Lu.pron TOMORROW and the pharmacy is still working out the insurance stuff. She has had almost two weeks to get all of this stuff done. And of course everything is sent in at the last minute and I am freaking out. I talked with the pharmacy all day long trying to get it all straightened out. Plus the BCPs are making me feel HORRIBLE. I was spotting today and cramping a lot. I was also super tired and really not wanting to deal with ppl at all.

Then I thought everything was done with the meds and the pharmacy calls again and says that three meds need prior authorization first. Guess which one was on that list..yep..Lu.pron. So I had to pay FULL price and get it shipped in time for tomorrow...and then I am going to have to file it myself on my insurance. GRRRR!!

I talked to my IVF nurse and made sure that my spotting was normal...even though I am not done with my BCPs. Tomorrow I will start the antibiotic and Lu.pron. I am excited, but nervous. I just hope I can get back in the swing of injecting myself. I am praying that I feel better tomorrow so I can get some things done around the house. I have tons of laundry to just piles up so quickly..and the house really needs a good cleaning. And that is my job, so I wanna be good at it ;)

I am still struggling with my diet. (I am suppose to be on a low carb diet for my PCOS) I just can't seem to find much to eat that A) I like and B)that is not full of carbs. It seems like lately that is all I want...Tons of carbs. Especially since the BCPs make me the only things that sound good are the bad stuff. Of course, that is how I have eaten for 28 years so it is kinda hard to change. For example, I love eating a hot bkfast. I just can't get used to yogurt or some dried oat bar. I love eating my maple and brown sugar oatmeal or some yummy cheese grits. Which both are not really on my "can eat" list. I really wish I had one of those lists..b/c I don't and when it comes to food I am an idiot. I mean seriously..I am an emotional eater and I really enjoy eating. I have just never been a salad only girl! And now I can't have a baked potato so what the heck am I going to eat. I am really going to work on this...if it kills me. We'll...see

All in all, I know that this is going to be stressful at times! I am so blessed to be able to get on here and vent! Lord, thank you for even allowing me to get the chance to do IVF. I know that not many ppl can do this and for that I am so grateful!! Thank you for all of my fellow sisters in IF. Please bless them all on their journey and help us to trust Your plan for us. Give us all the strength we need to keep on keepin on! I love You so much! In Jesus' precious name..AMEN!


Michelle said...

This whole process is so stressful. and the insurance stuff just makes it worse. I am wishing everything else goes smoothly for you and your dreams come true!

shauna said...

I hope that you got all your meds worked out. I'm telling you, I was really worried about taking the fertility drugs, but I felt the worst on the bcp's. I was looking at amazon and they have pcos cookbooks. I don't know if the food is any good, but it might help you to know you have choices in food. Praying for ya.
Love and hugs...