Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Hubby and Best Friend!!!

I cannot imagine going through all of this without such a wonderful hubby :D I have always known that I am blessed in the husband department and last night just proved me even more right. Todd and I started off our evening by visiting our neecy-poos. My parents were keeping them for my sis and we headed off to play for a while. I just love seeing Todd with the kiddos, he is so sweet and I can imagine him with our future kids. We had a blast with the they ate cornflakes and potato chips. It sounds gross, but I tried it and it was good..hehe

Then we decided to get a late dinner at our favorite me.xican rest. We sat at that rest. for hours just talking and having a great time. At one point I looked around and the only ppl left in the place consisted of a bunch of girls..obviously a girl's night out..and some various ppl on dates. I just is so awesome that my husband and I love to hang together and are truly best friends. He is such a blessing in my life. We ended up looking up songs online and we slow danced to was so was then that I realized I can do anything with him by my side. Then we heard a noise...and Maggie was chewing on the computer we stopped and had to get onto her. Then we just started laughing....we were in tears from our moment..then in laughter at Maggie just chewing away at our nice chair. I think she is preparing us for those kiddos...hehe

AF came this morning...and I am prepared for this road ahead. I am ready b/c I have the best person right beside me the whole way. I called the nurse...left a message...and hopefully she will give me my orders soon :D My biggest fear was what if this doesn't work, but I know I will make it...I have so much to make it for!!!



Michelle said...

Aww your hubby sounds like a great man! Happy V-day!

shauna said...

We went out for Mexican on Friday night too...great minds think alike! It is a wonderful thing to have a hubby who's also a best friend, there's many people out there who can't claim that. Make sure you keep us updated on the whole IVF cycle, I'm so excited for you!
Luv ya!